Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dems October surprise?

Here it is folks. The (early) October surprise by the Dems to fire up their supporters. A new logo!....


They won't run on their taking over American car companies.
They won't run on taking over banks.
They won't run on taking over the healthcare system.
They won't run on their Cap & Tax bills.
They won't run on ignoring the will of the American people.
They won't run on open boarders.
They won't run on the fact that their leader in the Whitehouse is suing one of our own states.
They won't run on that the Whitehouse's State Dept has reported to the UN that Arizona is a human Rights Violator.
But they sure will run with a new logo of an old, worn out  slogan that Americans have come not to trust.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hmmm,,Looks like a target to me, I wonder if they looked to Sarah Palin to design it,,,LMAO

Unknown said...

Probably took one of her range targets and thought it would work for them. LOL :)

AdamsPatriot said...

Well, at least they are still running on what typifies them the best...clueless!


What happened to the "hope"?

Guess that won't sell anymore!