Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama, NY Mosque and the Constitution... Out of touch again

During a Sunday interview with NBC News, Pres. Obama restated his support for building the Islamic center/mosque near Ground Zero. He also denied that he had tried to back away from the comments the day after he originally made them.

Obama said “If you can build a Church on that site…. you can't treat Islamic faith differently as Americans...
Guess what Mr President, heard of the Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed from the events of 9/11? The NY Port Authority will not let them rebuild. Where is THEIR Constitutional rights as Americans, you tool??
But the President and Mayor Bloomburg will let the building of the "MOSQUE" on that site, go forward, based on an issue THEY create.
This shows the President Barack Hussein Obama is not engaged in the debate, nor the issue of controversy.

"Its a core value of our constitution"
But when it comes to gun rights, they don't want to uphold the core value of our Constitution.
When it comes to freedom of speech and condemn the Supreme Court who ruled businesses and unions have the right to freedom of speech and his party tries to sequester opposition, they don't want to uphold the core value of our Constitution.

"And my Job as President is to uphold our Constitution."
REALLY? Where in the constitution, Mr. President, does it give Congress the right to require all Americans to purchase ANYTHING? A law YOU SIGNED IN TO EXISTENCE?

This guy, I believe, has NOT read the US Constitution. Has no idea of what it says.
What a hypocrite. He claims to be for the constitution when it involves one group of people, but for the rest of us HE IGNORES this document.


Anonymous said...

Mar your wrong, the Port authority will let them rebuild.

The Port Authority said the church was offered but never accepted a deal worth $20 million, plus $40 million in subsurface infrastructure improvements, to move it to 130 Liberty St. from the land it owns at 155 Cedar St. The church says the Port Authority walked away from the deal.

The church wants the Port Authority to resume negotiations, but the Port Authority says the Liberty Street plan is off the table. That's because the construction of the $600 million vehicle security center is already under way. On Thursday, the Port Authority's board approved a deal with Silverstein Properties to redevelop the east side of the World Trade Center. Moving the church to the Liberty Street location would delay those projects and jeopardize $150 million that's already been committed to contractors working on the vehicle center.

The only option that remains is building the church at Cedar Street, said Chris Ward, executive director at the Port Authority. The Port Authority will pay the church for the right to make necessary subsurface improvements, but the deal is unlikely to be as lucrative," a Port Authority spokesman said.

Crains Business aug 27th 2010

So they can rebuild, but they want the free money.

Unknown said...

So what you are saying Joe, is that the Church HAS to build it on another site and they can't build it on the site they want to???... But Joe, they have a right to freedom of Religion in this country, they can't take away their rights to build it there.... Sound familiar???