Monday, August 23, 2010

NY Mosque Supporters Show True Colors

A New York EMT stops working to stand with the NY Mosque supports to demonize 70% of the American people.
Hope no one need his services at the moment...

One (probably more) calling those oppose to the Mosque racist. (Keep that word in mind for a moment)
Guess what? Islam is NOT a race... DUH!

Another one holds up a leaflet to proclaim 9/11 was a lie.
So with that, I think those that were at the sight yesterday in favor of the Mosque were conspiracy theorist.

And of course it wouldn't be a liberal rally if they didn't bring up something that the debate is not even about... Rights.

But then all hell breaks loose. At the 3:56 mark of this video, a new speaker lays blame, to the opposition, on "Jewish Zionist Israel" as the ones who are responsible.
The cameraman points out, rightfully so, that that was a racist statement. And then the speaker goes off camera and gathers a group of thugs to rough up the cameraman and summons the cops to escort him away, all the while calling THEM racist as he is led away.

Watch, learn and listen...


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


At this point I have paused @ the 2:49 point, I really want to slap that bitch upside the head for nothing but her ignorance alone. But the reason i really paused was the rainbow flag, yes more ignorance on the part of the gay community for they know not what they support and that is a religion (cult) that does not want to change them but rather KILL them.

-Start vid again-

So typical of ignorant libs, they scream racism while practicing it themselves and blatently so.

Unknown said...

Most lefties don't understand that what they think well help to "build bridges" with radial Islam would only get them hurt.
Notice how the lady says "Our middle eastern brother and sisters". Even though the ones behind it are citizens. But what chaps my ass is they are calling the opposition racist, when Islam is not a race... Is that a bi-product of our 'public school system, or what?

Anonymous said...

Mark, you agreed that using "Jewish Zionist Israel" is racist, despite the fact that Judaism is a religion not a race either.

So your chapping your own ass. hhhmmm... imagine that. Masturchaption.

And by thugs you mean the old man with the Brokklyn T-shirt on at 5:11 of the video who pushes the camera man? Jesus Christ thats funny.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the video of the Big angry anti-mosque supporter who tries to attack a dude with a UNDERARMOR beanie cap on.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


You are incorrect Jew is a race and Judaism is a religion.

An Hispanic, Arab, Black,,etc. can indeed follow the faith of Judaism but that in no way shape or form makes them a Jew.

Just as much as if a white person joins the moslem faith makes them ipsofacto an arab.

So in the video we see mosque defenders being both racist and slanderous against a people directly and a religion generaly.

Unknown said...

Joe, when he injected "Zionist Israel" with Jewish, he injected a racial overtones in to his statement as Zionism is the national revival movement of the Jewish people. It holds that the Jews have the right to self-determination in their own national home, and the right to develop their national culture.
Culture, Joe.

Yes, chaps my ass as they are, once again, using race as an excuse, when Islam is not a race. But I see you avoided that part of the discussion.
And of course you, once again, missed that it was not just some old man, the guy was surrounded... But you just see what you want to see and stay on the wrong side of this issue.
You're showing your true American colors, once again, Joe.

Unknown said...

And thanks for pointing that out Christopher that 'Jew is a race'

Unknown said...

Hey, wasn't that JoeC @ 4:40?

Unknown said...

By god, I think you're right, David. Nice catch! LOL

Anonymous said...

lol...look at you guys go. Making shit as you go along. C, its not a race and Chris any revival or nationalism would not make it questioning it a racial or racist. It could be considered ethnic, but not racial.

So at best Jewish would be an ethnicity, not a race. Nice try though.

Unknown said...

Once again, Joe needs to be Schooled.
Ethnic- Of characteristic of a sizable group of people sharing a common and distinctive racial national, religious, linguistic, and cultural heritage.

Ethnicity- Ethnic character, background, or affiliation.
But nice try, Joe

Chris said...

Why is it OK for them to slow down the building of St. Nickolas Church that used to be there 9 years ago? They are saying we are the haters when they have been the ones stopping the building of the Church that used to be there. Where were the protests then? You libs are nothing but bigots and that is why you try to make it look like we are just like you. Those people are a bunch of glass lickers. Those idiots on that video called them Arab and that is the race. Mulim would have been the religion. So it is the crowd in the video that is making this about race. Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Mark, that doesn't make it racial. You take the biggest semantical leaps in creating your defense and attempt to hold everyone else to the letter of the law. Its an amazing hypocrisy.

Ethnicity is not race, nor is it racial. It has a component of people being most of similar race, but the main aspect of ethnicity is nationality, not race. Such as English people being European to use an example. But not all English are European in race so that aspect is not a deciding factor in ethnicity.

As for Judasim being a race, what is exactly the predominant racial feature of a Jewish person? Is there some aspect of being jewish that differentiates them from others? I mean other than religious aspects.

Yes, that was me. I am the 70 year old thug mark describes.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm not on any side of the issue. I don't care if its being built or not. I do object to the raw hatred evidenced on the news and in your postings to religious freedoms in America.

I am driven to oppose the immense stupidity of the attacks against it, and the hatred that exists in those attacks.

Unknown said...

Joe, guess what, those are the definitions, can’t help it you want to skew those definitions.
Just like the left tries to skew the constitutions word in to something more adverse then it is.
And who is talking about law, Joe????
We are talking about, ethnicity/culture/race.

“what is exactly the predominant racial feature of a Jewish person”
Joe, do you think I am going to fall for that, not touching that with a 10’ pole.
Next thing you know you want me to tell you the predominant racial feature of an AA, or oriental, etc…
If you can’t understand what makes up a person or persons race, you have no reason to sit here and debate this.

“I do object to the raw hatred evidenced on the news and in your postings to religious freedoms in America.”
Joe, please point out where I have brought this issue up as a “religious freedom” issue???
I have not. It lefties such as yourself who are try to make this a freedoms issue, when it’s a compassion, understanding and sensitivity issue.
How many times am I going to have to say this to you until you get it?
This is the perfect example of the liberal left in control of our Government. They do not listen to what is being said to them. JHC No wonder people in townhalls are yelling at their elected Reps.
You people just shut everything out you don’t want to hear.
Thats pretty F’ed up.

There is NO hatred in this Joe. None, zip, nada.
Americans don’t want the Mosque built next to GZ. We’re ASKING for it to be build someplace else beside right where 2700 Americas died… Is that HATE?
If you think so, your lost to reality.

AdamsPatriot said...

Outstanding response Mark!

Let's not forget the outragious hatred the left poses every day...the hatred of the much so they want to kill the child as it is being born. The Left hides behind the argument of rape and incest but in reality it's about murdering those that can't help themselves.

The left hates religion as long as it is Jewish and many times do we read everyday of the left forceing Christianity away from the schools, government and out of public view. Yet when it comes to the Fed Government taking the Muslim Imam within it's operation and paying him and supporting his position...there isn't a peep out of the left...such hypocrisy!

The left hates opposition and tries to silence it by using a much maligned and abused word as 'racist'. The left makes up lies and and slanders the opposition, all for their own selfish and greedy, yes greedy, iedology.

The left hates businesses and makes them appear evil to the public. The left calls them greedy and only out for grotesgue profits. Yet when it comes to taxation, the left is worse thatn any business, the left sucks the life out of the free market and demands more, killing jobs for all. And who does the left give the public taxes to....the left's own special interests, the people who helped them get elected, people who advance the murderous programs of the unborn, people who do nothing but squander the public's money.

Why does the left do all this? For power over all Americans. As we have seen time and time again the left will throw their own mother under the bus to win and maintain power.

Just what the hell do you stand for JoeC?
What is so wonderful and righteous about the repulsive left?

Ray said...

Mark, this is why I ban liberals from my blogs.

I couldn't and won't take the time to fight all their arguments anymore, after 7 years of the shit during Bush's terms. My only goal since then has been to inflict as much damage on Obama as they did Bush, period. ;)

When he's gone the job is done.

As far as the Muslims and much of the far left go, are the most racist out there, as they're the ones' dividing everyone into groups all the time, as they've done to the black community since slavery and Islam wishes to do to you I and our families. Period. that's their goal and they're getting there quicker than they planned nor hoped. Saddest thing I've ever seen in this once free country,

Muslims think anyone but Muslims are swine. How much more hate filled can one be?

Liberalism is an ideology of professors and gullible stoned followers. |And I know, I was once one of them for my first adult decade.

About 20 years ago.... when I put down my last drink and joint. I knew and know those people inside out and it's not pretty and in many cases not repairable. I was lucky.

Unknown said...

Good points here from Ray and Adams Patriot, both. And I thank them for interjecting them into the discussion.

Ray, I will let the left spew their frame of mind here for all to see just what goes on in their mind.
I have had some success, in the past, with the left in 'challenging & subduing' to the point of bring them to a point of independent thinking and what the benefits are to be living in a capitalist society they seem to want to change. And you're right, in most cases it's not repairable. So I welcome all comments unless it's a personal attacks. Thats when I will lay the hammer down.
Glad you've seen the light, Ray, and glad you got your life in order.

As far as the left and Muslims 'they're the ones' dividing everyone into groups all the time'.
What did OBL say, something to the point of 'Divide the US'
It once was, but most have seen the light here, as indications from polls on the Mosque. It's an large majority who don't want it there.

Anonymous said...

Mark, your post was nothing but deflection and inability to answer the simplest of questions.

ohhh, i might have been setting you up asking you to identify a racial difference. What type of bullshit is that? There is no racial difference in Jewish people that distinguishes them as a race of their own. Atleast nothing that distinguishes them from others in the region. Look up Semitic in the dictionary...

1. Of or relating to the Semites or their languages or cultures.
2. Of, relating to, or constituting a subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic language group that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, and Aramaic.

Jewish is solely a cultural, religious ethnicity and not a race, and any attack on that is not a racial attack, although it is prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Ray, i've read your posts and blog, you don't let liberals post because you don't have the sense to debate them. I know your prejudice and hateful rhetoric flies with these so-called patriots, but funny how letf gets described as dividers here when you insult almost every sub-group and culture you don't approve of in your writings.

strange how that works.

AdamsPatriot said...

@ JoeC:
Again...Just what the hell do you stand for JoeC?
What is so wonderful and righteous about the repulsive left?

Unknown said...

So now you turn this to a Semitic lesson?
Nice "deflection" Joe...

Go look up Ethnic-
"Of characteristic of a sizable group of people sharing a common and distinctive racial national, religious, linguistic, and cultural heritage."
Key words here... "Characteristic" and "racial... HERITAGE"
You are basing 'race' on 'feature characteristics', which can be construed as profiling, Joe.

You said it yourself "cultural, religious ethnicity"
Zionism is...the right to develop their national "culture". "Ethnicity" is Ethnic character and Ethnic is Of "characteristic" of a sizable group of people sharing a common and distinctive "racial", national, religious, linguistic, and "cultural" heritage.
All equals "Jewish Zionist Israel"=Racist comment!

Thanks for proving my point...

Unknown said...

"i might have been setting you up asking you to identify a racial difference. What type of bullshit is that?"
Because YOU sir are injecting 'feature characteristics' and want me to express that feature characteristics are the ONLY thing that makes up race... Not going there with you, Joe.