Saturday, August 7, 2010

Media attacks Conservative Americans

Now, what's not in the head line is the words 'African' Americans.
Because we shouldn't look at the pigment of ones skin first and foremost. (Or really ever)
We should look at the content of ones caricature first and foremost. (And always)
But the "media" doesn't see it that way.
One reporter from the National Press Clubs really put the hammer down on these Americans.

Using race (as stated in the video) is a very dangerous agenda to attack any one. It creates a fire storm of un-justifiable (in this instance) hatred.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hey Mark,

I just saw this elsewhere? and it is excellent!

The MSM is out of control, they are simply going nuts with the dems and Husseins disapproval ratings and the Tea Party gaining strength besides their constant lies.

The race card has been used to death, nobody is buying that anymore and the funny part about that is Hussein being elected in the first place.

By supporting Hussein the dems and the MSM have effectively destroyed what was their ace in the hole arguement/charge of racism.

Add to that the Rangel and Waters ethics kerfuffle with dems in control of congress one thinks of the line; "One who lives in a glass house should not throw stones".

I have always enjoyed politics for whatever reason but never so much as I do this year.

Unknown said...

It's getting to the point that when they use it, you end up just laughing at it, after hundreds of times being proven wrong and debunking their consistent barrage, the American people see right thru it, but of course they don't listen to the rest of America, as proof by the Obamacare debate and now this.
God I'd be embarrassed to be apart of that party.

Chris said...

And that is happening Mark. People are becoming embarrassed of the Democratic party. We need to keep pushing and bringing the hamer down on the Progressive movement so they have to reinvent themselves over the next few decades. I'm so glade you posted this video because that is the only way things like this will get any attention.