Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Representative, Mountains of Mail

Illinois US Representative Judy Biggert (R-IL13), a clear opponent of the heathcare bill in the House, facebooks a picture of her reply letters to her constituent back home.
One weeks worth of letters of opposition to health care meant many late nights for her.
Her post:
"Here’s a photo of one of my dedicated staff members, Ben, happy to be done folding and stuffing my reply letters to folks back home who wrote me to share their opposition to government-run health care. Thank you so much for the insight and support. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to hear your thoughts and views on these important issues"

Now THAT'S representation!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm damn jealous. I'm sure my Rep. Gary Peters is voting for it. The only response I ever get back from him is how wonderful this bill is. He's willing to risk his seat on it, that's for sure, because he took over a historically R seat.

Unknown said...

Spread the word in his district, my friend, hold him accountable, let him know that you have many other there too, that will make sure he looses his seat at the table of congress.

Chris said...

I get the same letter from Sander Levin. We need to keep the pressure on these Democrats.

Unknown said...

That picture must have been taken a few days ago, because I wrote her on Friday and I just got a reply in the mail today.
But it's futile now. They know they are throwing the party under the bus and they don't care. I am sure they are fully aware that it's very difficult to repeal a law that's already on the books. I hope the courts will strike this down, it will happen faster that way.