Thursday, March 25, 2010

Olbermann's eat crow

In responce to Keith Olbermanns claim that the Tea Party Movement folks are racist and 'where are the minorities in the movement'... Tea Party Patriots answers back with a 'right here, are you blind?' Video.

It would be a wise thing for Olbermann not to mess with the Tea Party Movement, or he'll end up sitting, cowering in the corner, with his thumb in his mouth.


Chris said...

They better get rid of that black man he is destroying the lefts racist idealogy of In the Detroit rallies last year their were always many blacks at the TEA Party events.

Unknown said...

Well sure there are people from all walks of life. When the Tea Party Express come to Joliet last year, there were quite a few AA and Mexican Americans.
I am sure if even they stood right in front of Olbermann, he still wouldn't see them.

Unknown said...

Liberals/Progressives are the racist of America, they have made the Afro Americans and Hispanics of America that abortion is a good thing for their race. The left supports abortion as genocide for these races. If the left truely embraced the AA and Hispanics they would want them to have their babies and love them so they would be responsible citizens, not kill them before they are born!

Unknown said...

I agree there Dave. If you really think about it it's a Hitler/Fascist style of the liberal ideology.