Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loon left Incompetency

An email being circulated by the DGA has a new campaign coming our way leading up to this Nov mid-term elections.

Not an email of what they will do to run on the issues of today, but blatant lies and attacks on GOP gubernatorial races around the country.
Well isn't this just typical. Let's not talk about issues, but lets talk about out in out attacks, shall we?

There are five critical facts about 2010 that you need to know:

1.  This November, 37 of our nation's governorships are up for election.
2.  That equates to 4 out of every 5 Americans voting on a governor.
3.  Of those 37 states, just 4 -- California, Texas, New York, and Florida -- account for nearly one-third of America's total population.
4.  Republicans have publicly stated that they plan to win as many governorships as possible so they can use their governors' influence to gerrymander the GOP into congressional control.
I think the DNC has made their bed with the American people in the US Congress, but the DGA wants to call it gerrymander by the GOP...OK......sure...whatever)

5.  To ensure voters get the facts they need, the Democratic Governors Association has launched the first of their major, multi-state initiatives to call out the lies and incompetence of GOP candidates -- called the Accountability Project.
Now, re-read #5 "to call out the lies and incompetence"
Now read the link below, but don't click on the link, just yet

Click here to see the Accountability Project, launched in California, in action. Watch Republican candidate Meg Whitman's inability to answer a simple question about Sarah Palin. It's just one more example of an unprepared candidate that the GOP doesn't want you to see.

OK, now that you have read this, think about this for just a second. Meg Whitman is running for Governor of the state of California. So what does "SARAH PALIN" have to do with the issues of the state of California? 

And the answer, absolutely NOTHING.
Talk about incompetence!!!
The DGA is just out to do....What? TALK ABOUT BEING UNPREPARED.

OH, one more thing... What the link actually says... talk about lies. http://www.californiaaccountability.com/meg-whitman-criticizes-sarah-palin. "Meg Whitman Criticizes Sarah Palin"
Really, did she criticizes Palin? Political ploy at it best, people.

Setting Ms Whitman up to try and get her to come right out and say either, 
1. Sarah Palin would be qualified to be President (which Meg knows polls show that 70% of Americans dont' feel that way, right now) 
2. Say she is not qualified and upset Palin supporters.
OH, one more note... the video... shows nothing of Meg Whitman, but all about Palin.
Now watch the video and listen and then add your thoughts here.
Do you get the same results as I did?


Chris said...

I love Sarah Palin just because the libs hate her so much.

Unknown said...

It's incredible. I mean to even bring up Palin during a California race and to try and corner Meg is just a sad state of affairs coming from the Dems.

Michael said...

Mark, I found your site by checkin in on Chris' blog. Earlier my wife and I got to meet Sarah's mom and dad at a meet-greet with Danny Tarkanian and looking forward to meeting Sarah when she comes to NV. They are the greatest folks!! On the other hand, Whitman is another one of those liberal republicans like John McCain and Sue Lowden here in Nevada that we (Conservative Nevada Patriots) are doing our best to rid. Go to Right at Black Mountain to see more. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Michael, welcome to APDP.
I think Sarah is the best... And Meg... Well she's like McCain....
What I don't like about this is the DGA and their indirect attack on Palin for what?
I mean what does Sarah have to do with Cal. issues?
Henceforth the heading of the thread incompetence.
I'll head on over to Right@Bkl Mountain. And join in. Hope to see you back here at APDP.