Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tea Party Community Website Under Attack

The conservative alternative to Facebook as reported on Fox News has become a raving success over the last 24-48 hours. With tens of thousands of new subscribers since its announcement, it is a great place to hang with like mind people.

But with the media attention surrounding this launch, comes the despicable leftest hacks who have signed up and then proceed to use vile language to make it appear that they were coming from the Tea Party people. Words that I will not repeat here.

Along with these vile attacks, also, comes the anonymous bots who have crashed the TPC servers with thousands of DOS attacks.
This from Conservative radio host Tom Trento, founder of this website on the  DOS:

Posted on February 3, 2013.
Earlier this morning (February 2nd, 2013), Ken Crow (TPC-Co-founder), appeared on the Fox and Friends show announcing the launch of our new website — the FB alternative for conservatives.
As anticipated, the our community experienced a large influx of new members and site traffic. Along with all the new members came hundreds of trolls who sought to disrupt our new rapidly growing community.
Our great team of moderators had their hands full handling over 2,000 reports in just a few short hours. With this much media exposure, we’re bound to be a target of our detractors.”
Tim Selaty Jr. (Co-Founder of TPC) stated;
Just 35 minutes before the scheduled live broadcast of our national launch, the Tea Party Community website experienced a large DOS (Denial of Service) attack. “
According to our logs, the attacks came from all around the country including Pakistan, Afghanistan, France, Germany, Russia, and even from the United States. The attack was from a “BotNet”.
We ask all of our dedicated Patriots members to hang in there and not lose heart as The Tea Party Community isn’t going away. We’re here to stay.”
Here is the message sent to us from our server provider about the attack:
“Dear Tim:
We have discovered that one of your IP is under DOS attack
Total Attack Packets Per Second (PPS): 450,000
Your IP is currently the target of a large Denial of Service attack, which leaves us no option but to null route your IP address. The incoming DoS attack was negatively affecting our other customers and our network stability. We have mitigated this attack with a null route (all traffic destined to this IP is dropped), and will be leaving it in place for the next 24 hours. If you would like to remove the null route sooner, simply respond to this ticket and we will remove it and check to see if the attack has subsided. Please note that if the null route is removed early and the attack returns, then another null route will need to be placed.
We are attempting to gather additional details regarding this DOS attack and if successful, we will send a follow up summary report. We apologize for any inconveniences, but we must protect the integrity of our network for all our clients. Please update this ticket if you have any questions.
Thank you and kind regards,
PEER 1 Hosting/Serverbeach Network Operations Center (NOC)”
 - TPC Staff

Tom, we are still here with you, support this effort and website.
To the leftest hacks out there with your Proxy server attacks, you'll NEVER silence us!

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