Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rep Keith Ellison Calls Hannity 'Yellow Journalist'

Last night on the Sean Hannity show, Congressman Ellison said that the lead up video to the interview that Sean did, was a "breach of every journalistic ethics" and "Yellow Journalism" he has ever heard of.

Problem with that statement is, outside of Fox News, and a few others, there IS NO journalistic ethics in play in America anymore. And the American people know it. Maybe Congressmen Ellison should 'get in touch' with what journalism is really like in American today.

The fun begins at the 3:05 mark of the video. But to get the full effect of what Hannity put together in the video, I would recommend watching from the beginning.

Another problem with Ellison rant is, Sean let the video montage speak for itself.... In the Presidents OWN words.

Sean did mention that Obama has take a lot of time, on the road, to campaign against the Presidents own idea of sequestration and that he truly is "Staying on script".

Get a clue, Congressmen!

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