Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ex-Secret Service Agent Stirs American Passion

Ex-secret service agent Don Bongino gave a stirring speech at a 2nd Amendment rally last month and what a speech it was.

The right to Arms and a right to free speech is not given to you by an elected official and NO ONE can take your constitutional rights away from you!!!
If you're not volunteering, you're not making calls, you're not registered to vote or do not vote, YOU are the problem with America.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Awesome American individual!

I most certainly agree on registering to vote and actually voting, but key to that is being self-educated on American documents and real history.

Furthermore, it was once (before amended) that those able to vote were only to be owners of real-estate or land as it were.

The amendment should itself be amended to state that those able to vote should in fact be limited (yes limited) to those who actually pay taxes and are American i.e., exclusion from voting if one receives 100%+ of what was withheld and cannot in any fashion prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are in fact born in America.

p.s., Mark, you might like to add Disqus to your blog?

Unknown said...

I Like the amendment idea, for sure. Liberals head would explode at even the mention of limiting those who are not born here, to be able to vote.

And yep, I have been thinking about adding Disqus. I like it better than the old and outdated blogspot comment function.