Friday, February 8, 2013

Facebook Not Reviewing Complaints

There has been many reports of conservatives on Facebook being blocked or booted. Their accounts suspended or downright removed from Facebook over the past couple of months.

The Facebook account on Chicks on the Right was brought down for a few days because it was being reported as hateful, or what not. 

I know a relative who's account was suspended because he was reported to Facebook as harassing someone, just for debating a known marxist, on the Facebook page Opposing View.
He did this with respectfulness, because thats how he rolls.

Now my opinion is the leftest pukes on Facebook have been going around reporting all these Conservative pages and accounts to rid Facebook of their opposing viewpoint.

My suspicion is that Facebook is run by liberal sympathizers too, and that they don't even review these complaints. That once the person, or page is reported, Facebook just pulls the plug if it represents a view other than liberal.

And you know what, my suspicions are RIGHT.
So yesterday I thought I would test this out.
I stumbled across a Facebook page setup to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio called Respect Arizona, Recall Sheriff Joe.

On the page, I reviewed a post from someone who was upset that there is a recall petition going around to recall Sheriff Joe.

"Why don't we recall the Presidential election  considering it was fraudulently STOLEN anyways... This site is a pathetic joke" the poster wrote.
For which a reply by liberal hacktifest Joesph B replied 
"You're an old stupid cockroach. Plan on packing your bags SHITBAG"

Now it was Joesph  B response of 'shitbag' I reported to Facebook.

The response back from Facebook that I got, was "Thank you for your report. Joseph B******* removed this comment before we reviewed your report." (website grab below)

But the problem is, Joseph B never did remove his comment that I reported (See website grab below)
So there for, Facebook doesn't even review the comments from the complaints.
OR they agree and let it stand.

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