Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Is Our Military Doing Down South

With in the last few days, our military, in coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement have been running a "practice drill" over the cities of the US.

One such drill was conducted over the skies of Miami:

The reporter here mentions that the military side of this is for overseas practice and making sure their equipment is in check..... I'll let you ponder that for awhile.

The other "Drill" was over the southern part of Houston, just yesterday:

From this report, it has even been revealed that the nearby elementary school they were flying over, went in to lock down because they were unaware of the "drill".
Now, since the Sandy Hook shooting, you can be assured that the school and their officials are on edge.
But what is odd about this Houston "drill" is why didn't they notify school officials of this drill?
And the Army won't tell the reporter what kind of training they were doing, unlike the one in Miami.

Now, I am not the one to be a conspiracy theorist. I look deeply in to stories that have dropped on my lap. But these two military drills appear to be very odd in the natural aspects of "drills"

Now that you've "pondered" my above comment for awhile, I'll say this:
What could these drills be really all about? Overseas preparation?
Maybe. Maybe to prepare for confrontation with Iran? Or Syria? Or support Egypt in their every other week rioting?
Highly doubtful. Obama's not the one to put boots on the ground. His liberal cohorts would eat him alive.
Plus, why the law enforcement participation?
And why would the military fly over populated US cities just to "make sure their equipment is in check." while firing their machine guns blanks?

Now this story starts to get really weird.
THIS is now being reported from the Texas GOP vote website.

Outrage is growing over news that Obama’s military cuts are going to impact our own homeland security by forcing the Air Force to close a vital air defense system along the ENTIRE southern border of the United States from Florida to California.

This air defense system is known as TARS (Tethered Aerostat Radar System) for which this system protects the southern border of the United States of America by detecting and monitoring low altitude aircraft, and even low altitude missiles.

Why would he do this? The system has been the best of the best at protecting our southern border and waterways. Is he knocking down our southern command defense for an all out assault from hostels?

OR could the drills be a part of a preparation for an economic collapse, when all hell would break loose in our urban areas? Maybe!

OR could it just be all harmless... With what I have brought forth in this post and knowing Obama background with his known associates.... I doubt this is just harmless "drills" 

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