Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bank of America Denying Customers

Bank of America Denying Customers use of their credit card and/or Debt card to purchase Guns and Ammo.
This all based on this video uploaded to You Tube today.

Pretty shocking to say the least.
Is BofA falling in line with Obama and the rest of the socialist in our nation, to deny our rights to keep and bear arms?

Well based on their stance with:
American Spirit Arms Here
And with:
McMillan Group(here), a company that manufactures firearms and accessories, and that announced back in April of last year that Bank of America asked them to find another bank for “political” reasons, it sure does appear they are a bank that needs to be run OUT of our country!


FIREBIRD said...

I have never been an account holder with BoA, but if I were, I'd certainly close it within 24 hours. This is disgusting!

Unknown said...

Seems as though they feel it necessary to follow in the footsteps of this president.
By denying their customers their legal possession (their money) they have committed a crime.
That, and having interfered with interstate commerce, they have commited a federal offence.