Thursday, December 20, 2012

Piers Morgan Get Spanked by Larry Pratt

CNN's Piers Morgan interviews Larry Pratt, Executive Director from Gun Owners of America.

And like most liberals who advocate much stricter gun control laws in our nation, when he runs out of logical "high level" points, Morgan stoops to name calling and insults.
In this interview, Piers tries to engaged in the Connecticut shooting/Gun Control debate with Pratt, saying he was "an unbelievably stupid man."
Morgan of course, hates people who are pro-Constitution and pro 2nd amendment, as you would think he would be, being a loyal British subject and all. But regardless, for him to be reaching in to the gutter banter box to make points, it's something he really cannot defend..... 

Now I agree with Morgan, as does Pratt, that the senseless killing has to stop.
But the gun owner did not pull the triggers. A disturbed young man, who was not the gun owner did.
And at this point, we don't know how this young man was able to get his hands on them, from his mother.

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Not quite on topic, but I wish for you and your family all of God's blessings during this joyous season - and may 2013 be a happy, prosperous and healthy year!