Monday, December 3, 2012

Once Again NBC spews anti-US Constitution Propaganda

You've all probably heard about this over the last 24 hours or so, but it is worth repeating.
Bob Costa spews his anti-2nd amendment rights plea for gun control during his weekly commentary on “Sunday Night Football.”

Commenting on the weekend murder-suicide by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, Costas relied on a column by writer Jason Whitlock, formerly of the Kansas City Star, to make a gun-control argument.

But what Costa and Whitlock failed to bring forth is that it wasn't the gun that killed Belcher wife, and subsequently Belcher himself.
Someone has to pull the trigger. That someone was Jovan Belcher.
It's the mind that actually makes this fateful decisions. One that is troubled and unbalanced.
Why should one mans actions hinder the rest of us, the millions of gun owner in our nation, to be without our constitutional right to keep and bear?
So this tragedy, the murder/suicide, was carried out by a gun owner who was troubled within his own self.
Should the death of Nicole Simpson be any different? Should we ban all knifes, now?
Or should we ban duck tape, as in the case of the death of little Caylee Anthony?
I don't hear that coming from the likes of Costa.
Whitlock was a football player. So was Belcher. And Costa, a Sports analyst. The game binds them together.
For certain this was a sad, sad tragic event, and Whitlock and Costa loss are understandable. 
But to lay blame on the object, and not the troubled person, is not being realistic of reality.

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