Friday, August 17, 2012

The Dirty Dirt of Politics

Yesterday, on MSNBC (now known as NBCNews), leftest political hack Toure' explained what he believes to be explicit racial connotations beneath what Romney was saying that President Obama should “take his campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” by calling it the “niggerization” of the campaign.
S.E. Cupp took offense to such a connotation, and rightly so.

The sickness by the left of turning an observation of negativity by the Obama team, from the Romney camp when Romney never once reference race in his remarks, are sickening and vile.

And Conservative Kira Davis responds to MSNBC Toure.

It's pretty obvious the progressive left that supports Team Obama has, once again, hit a new low and hit the bottom of the barrel, where the slime lies!


Z said...

HI, I could only listen to the top video but SE handled it SO WELL...except she did NOT mention "Republicans would have voted for Allan West's that racist?"

And that jerk denies he said Republicans are all racists? The dishonesty is breath taking and has made me SO MAD. I'd heard about this but hadn't seen this video.
Ya, I wish Cupp had mentioned Allan West or Cain...nada. But, she handled it VERY well in spite of it.

And then when the msnbc people say "he didn't imply all Republicans are racist.." REALLY? "he fires up the base who like that coded language!?

I'd HIT(and I'm a girl and have never hit anybody since I probably smacked a little sister YEARS ago!) anybody who said anything racist around me!

But, this stuff PLAYS with the public and that Toure jerk knows it. msnbc knows it (even if they only have about 10 listeners a day!)

AdamsPatriot said...

The only racism that exists in this Presidential campaign, as with the last one, is within the Democrat Communist Party.

Unknown said...

Not sure why you can hear the 2nd video, Z, but Kira rips Toure' a new one. And very emotional video she brought forth as she explains her history with the N word being used against her.
I have been accused of being a racist, even though I could careless the color of ones skin. It's the content of their caricature that I see.

AP- It's becoming obvious that the Dixiecrat's have re-emerged in the DCP