Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DNC's 'Ryan's $6.4K Increase on Medicare' Shot Down in Flames

Well, well well. It took the WSJ to finally look deep in to the claim by the DNC that says Ryan's plan would increase Medicare for seniors by $6400.

And what they found was it has NO relevance what-so-ever.

Why you ask, well the DNC claim is based on out-dated numbers.
According to the Journal :
The claim is based on a now out-of-date Congressional Budget Office estimate of the gap between the cost of health care a decade from now, in 2022, and the size of the House budget's premium-support subsidy for a typical 65-year-old in 2022.
This boils down to this, the $6,400 has no relevance for any of todays senior. 
But it also is highly unlikely to have any relevance for any senior EVER because CBO states that its number is highly uncertain because it all comes down to the evolution of the healthcare and insurance system down the road.
It also depends if Obamacare is in play. If it is not, this $6400 figure vanishes in to thin air. If it is in play, then what the Democrats have actually done is increased the out of pocket cost on seniors, not Ryan.

So in essence, they are blaming Ryan for THEIR mistake.... How convenience! (For them)

The Journal goes on to say that :
The more fundamental problem is that the CBO analysis has nothing to do with the current Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan plan. Nada. Over the last year Mr. Ryan has made major adjustments to his original proposal as he sought a compromise with Democrats. In its most up-to-date analysis, CBO admits that it "does not have the capability at this time to estimate such effects" in the new version. That is, it does not have the tools to make its $6,400 exaggeration again.

Alls good here, nothing to see.

Another false claim by the DNC shot down.
More here.


FIREBIRD said...

Obama only has lies and distortions to run on - he has no record whatsoever, other than one of overwhelming failure.... look for this to get worse before it gets better

AdamsPatriot said...

It's an old story and an old sell. Liberals are like used car salesmen and many previous customers aren't buying!

Marxists sell fear, those weak of mind buy into the sudo-threat.

After 4 years, Real Americans recognize the con of constant liberal lies and are turning away from liberal fantasy and falsehoods for reality of current day America!

America needs fixin' and it's not going to be without some pain!