Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Biden, Dems Hit a New Low

Joesph (Stalin) Biden has hit a new low in campaigning for the Presidency with team Obama.

Joe Blow Biden laid out a new narrative today that a Romney Administration would put Americans "Back in to Chains"

A free society breaks the bondage of governmental chains that weigh us down, as the last 4 years have proven. 
Another classic example of Team Obama and their socialist agenda.


FIREBIRD said...
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FIREBIRD said...

Krap like this is only racist if a conservative says it! And the fools the Democrats keep on the plantation LAUGHED AT IT!

They deserve what they get - a pat on the head, a few crumbs, and a free ride to the polls

Unknown said...

It is getting low down and dirty. I just can't believe they would stoop this low.
Thats fine with me, because the American people are not stupid to really believe this crap coming from Obama team.

AdamsPatriot said...

The chain are on all Americans under Obama.
Obama and the pure taxing greed of liberals has every American working for the gross waste of Washington elietes.
This racist statement comes from an administration that has consistantly shown contempt for white America.

No one on the right fears the racist label as it has been worn through to a point of meaninglessness.