Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obama Supporter- Then And Now

What if you had, back in 2008, been an Obama supporter, with all the Hope and Change hysteria going down, and you cast your vote for the clown-n-chief and then by 2012 you came to realize just what that mistake entailed.

What if you had the opportunity to talk to yourself from the future to come to the realization that what you had done was a huge blunder?

Wouldn't THAT be a dream come true, if we could do that?
Here is an example of what might take place in just a scenario.


FIREBIRD said...

you know, if the mainstream media televised only HALF of the truth about how bad things are in this country, and what a complete and total failure this president has been, the outcome of this election wouldn't even be in question, let alone a close call.

Unknown said...

I think that's why the polls are so close. Information isn't reaching the mass. My gut tells me Obama's numbers will go south after the RNC convention.