Friday, July 27, 2012

Mike Kelly HAMMERS Washington Bureaucrats

Mike Kelly, Republican Congressmen from Pennsylvanian, slams the US Government and liberal bureaucrats for making the US the most toughest place to do business.
And the House floor erupts in to a standing ovation! 
He is spot on!!!

Would LOVE to have this guy as my US Congressman!
Nice work, Congressman Kelly!!!


FIREBIRD said...
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FIREBIRD said...

This was a great speech - and I didn't know it was against the House rules to give a standing ovation to members.... outstanding!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the correction. Did this on the fly yesterday and failed to put in the 'ing' on 'standing', it's been corrected. LOL!

I don't think it is against House rules.
During speeches by a President, those who agree with what the President said, give a standing ovation.

Mike Kelly needs to give Romney a few pointers of how to get passionate about todays issues, while speaking.
Yes indeed, this was an excellent floor speech!!!