Friday, October 14, 2011

Patriots Visit With Occupiers-UPDATED

I got to hand it to these Tea Party Patriots,
They sure do have some stones!....

Wish I went with them!


Breaking on Big

A serious and developing story with regards to the efforts of organizing these protests.

It involves emails, revealing the many failed efforts of the hacker collective Anonymous, U.S. Day of Rages posting on two Al-Qaeda recruitment sites, with "The Civil Disobedience" training by two New York-based anarchist, Elliot “Smokey” Madison and by Vlad Teichberg.

Document dumps by a unnamed source to BG are also linked on its site.


Chris said...

We need more people like this. I don't mean the lazy smelly liberals but the hard working patriots.

FIREBIRD said...

DANG! Color me impressed! The MSM won't be able to stand it that the TEA party folks were clean, well-dressed and POLITE! Missed this one on the local news!

Amusing Bunni said...

That video made my day, Mark! Very great stuff, those guys were so brave. They should put this on the news, instead of the flea infested morons.

Unknown said...

It would have been awesome to have done what they did, Bunni and Firebird. I love mess with the lefts head.

Chris, thats what made America, America, my friend! Hard working patriots.

AdamsPatriot said...

Those guys must have some strong stomachs to deal with the results of inner breeding by Democrats!

Unknown said...

The one thing I noticed, AP was they made light of this. If they had allowed their blood to boil over, then there would have been trouble. I for one couldn't have kept my composure with these Occupy Wal-Mart'ers.