Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Occupy Whiners on Wall Street

As the Wall Street protester enter their 3 week of... well, protesting Capitalism, it's beginning to get pretty mundane to hear and see their message.

Their message,
Wall street is to blame for our economy.
Capitalism is to blame for our economy.
Greedy corporation are to blame for our economy

Here is a fine example of how the liberal media is playing in to the BS from these progressive lazy asses.

Washington Times interviews this putz (While another liberal mocks Fox News).

“I think a good deal of the bankers should be in jail.”
That is what Andrew Cole, an unemployed 24-year-old graduate of Bucknell University, told me Monday morning in Zuccotti Park, the epicenter of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Mr. Cole, an articulate young man dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt and with a blue wool beanie on his head, had just arrived by bus from Madison, Wis., where he recently lost his job.
Articulate??? To join a movement that seeks to destroy our way of life in American, the way it always had been and has worked the best, is not being articulate. It's being naive. He might speak well, but hasn't a clue on what was the match that lit the fuse of the 2008 financial collapse of the economy. The Federal Government, with its Community Reinvestment Act
But capitalism is obvious what he was taught as to whom is to be blamed, at Bucknell and by the organizers of the Occupy Wall Street, Unions!
Mr. Cole. He said he had come to participate in Occupy Wall Street because he believed in its “anticapitalist” message. “I see Wall Street as responsible for the mess we’re in.”
Need I say more? anticapitalist..... until he finds another capitalist job, which he should be doing right now, instead of spending his last paycheck heading from Wisconsin (union Madison, that is) to New York.

Some more signs from this organized movement that show another goal. That is Counter-Tea Party movement.
Fed up with this BS?

What are YOU going to do?
I'd like to see this nation raise up against the socialist and their handlers before people get the impression that this is GOOD for America.
I'd like to be a part of a Clean Out the Trash Occupying Wall Street movement and confront them and bring to an end of blaming Wall Street employees, who only make $40-50K a year. 
Then pack them on a bus and ship them to Washington, to confront the REAL culprits!
Then go home and spend quality time LOOKING for work.


republicanmother said...

They should be occupying the Fed – I hear a counter group is starting to do just that. This whole thing may be a rent-a-mob to get people like us talking up capitalism and defending these big banks. What’s hilarious is that these big banks are most likely part of the Fed, they most certainly aren’t part of the free market. It’s so funny that these people are clamoring for communism when these banks have a demonstrable track record of FUNDING communism in Russia, as Antony Sutton has meticulously documented.

Anyway, I hear George Soros and Moveon and gone down to hijack this thing. That’s where the irony is, as George Soros is a Wall Street as anyone.

AdamsPatriot said...

Funny! A job is a right!
OK have Obama give you a job, which is paid from taxpayers pockets, of which the money to pay you for a job came from workers who work for the Corporations which operate under capitalizm.

So if their goal is to nationalize these corporations and have the government operate them then our productivity and products will go down the crap hole and you won't have a job anyway...thereby violating what you have determined are your 'rights'.

These protesters are the essence of Obama's voting dog pile, pure scum!

Chris said...

If "Capitalism Doesn't Work" then why are all the wealthiest nations on earth capitalist? It just doesn't work for the lazy people. If you think you should be fed by other rather then feed yourself then capitalism is a bum deal. You said it with the "lazy" statement.

Unknown said...

Republicanmother, do you by any chance have a name for this counter group? Would like the read up on this and try and get some insight on them.

AP- Under the Social Engineering of Corporate America, aka Socialism, it is vicious cycle that repeats it's self over and over again, as you point out with low productivity, like like what happened under communist rule of Russia. Hell, report just out say China is more business friendly now a days them America.

Chris- Wonder how all those nutjobs got to NY? One word my friend, Union money.
Love your post the past two days on your blog. NAIL IT! (as always)

Eileen Elsethagen said...

There are a couple things these OWS morons rant about that does make sense to me - first off, I think the "End the Fed" people are pretty central to the movement, not a counter group... those signs seem to make up about 10% of the signs I see. But also, they are as pissed off about crony capitalism as we are. Government favors for political donors is probably the thing today which pisses me off the most, and let's admit it, it's not just the liberals who are doing it.

What do you think about a Tea Party push to get money out of politics? I've heard of people who are pushing for a constitutional amendment that would restrict politicians ability to take bribes (oops, I mean donations). I actually think Ron Paul (or maybe Rand) is the perfect person to lead such a movement - but how do we get them to take up the issue?