Monday, October 17, 2011

The Communist Manifestoing of America

Complements of The Tea Party Television.

Are you a wake, now?

Are you going to let them steal away our exceptionalism?
Are you going to shrug it off as just another 'hippy' movement?
Are you prepared for what would be to come if these people get the answer they seek?

Time for Americans to PUSH BACK at these Marxist, so that we can give to our children the nation WE were born in to?
Are you willing to fight for it if this becomes another Rome protest?


Silverfiddle said...

Obama has already embraced them, too foolish to realize he has mounted a tiger.

The lefty hippies disgusted Americans in 1968, resulting in Richard Nixon's election, and it will happen in 2012, if the GOP doesn't completely blow it.

Chris said...

Obama and the Dems will go down for their blind support of these people and this communist movement. If Obama didn't support them he would lose his base. This is his base. What does that say about him?

California Girl said...

If these idiots on the left keep this up, America will be another Egypt in no time. But perhaps that's exactly what Obama wants.

FIREBIRD said...

I think Obama should JOIN them on the streets - fan the flames of class envy! Time for the left to come out of the closet!

Anonymous said...

I've been battling these folks this past week on Facebook. A lot of anti-Semites among them, I mean real I blame the Jews for everything anti-Semites.

Unknown said...

Silver- The GOP better not blow it, I agree! I think Obama is making a huge mistake publicly 'understanding' them.

Chris- It says what we've all here have been saying since his election, he's a socialist!

CG- I think there is more to Obama's agenda. But someday, I'll bring that to light. I whole heartedly believe the majority of Americans will not let this "movement" get to the point of Egypt, but we are watching this very closely and I for one will be ready.

Firebird, his "understanding of their cause" is pretty much him pounding the pavement with them. His re-election should be over before it starts if he continues his ways.

Trestin- This is the left. Either on Wall Street or in the middle east. They truly hate the Jews, and will find every way, and say anything to get more support and attention. Even if it is with Arian Nation.
I too have been, at least, watching their FB pages from afar, and recording there banter. They are truly hateful people.

Chris said...

If there hasn't been enough rapes and violence at these OWS protests it turns out that a special needs teen girl got raped at Occupy Cleveland. The protesters are saying she was a plant and it never happened.

Unknown said...

The more we expose this, the more the American people will out right reject this movement, Chris.
Keep the pressure up on this by posting who they are.
This is despicable as to rape a teen girl, and is outrageous!
Funny, though they say she was a plant.... but it never happened???