Friday, September 23, 2011

Vile Lib, One Class Act!

Bristol Palin, out on the town and enjoying a night at a local bar, trying out the mechanical bull and just enjoying the music and having fun. Sounds harmless, right?

But of course it didn't turn out that way.
A local yahoo, who obviously had to much to drink, just couldn't keep his liberal trap shut, after Palin finished her ride on the bull, he had to get his 15 minutes of fame in and verbally attacked her and Bristol mom, Sarah Palin.

Palin unexpectedly found herself in the middle of a heated argument after this lowlife yelled "Did you ride Levi like that?" and "Your mother's a whore!"

This guy needs to get his head shoved up a real bulls ass!


AdamsPatriot said...

That loser can't help it, he is just sexually frustrated that he can't get any, so it rots and effects the brain in a low life way.

Bet he didn't expect her to have balls of which he obviously doesn't have any of.

Bristol is laughing all the way to the bank, making more money than that Obama SLAVE will ever see in his lifetime.

Unknown said...

The guy deserves to loose a few 'chiclets'.
You're right, AP sexually frustrated.... because the guy he was with wasn't giving him any.

Silverfiddle said...

How is it that liberalism attracts so may vile, foam at the mouth haters?

What a nasty, pathetic little man. Bristol did a great job taking him down a few notches.

There was one adult in that exchange, and it wasn't the bald headed pole smokers, that's for sure. She should have told those two guys to put their heads together and make an ass of themselves.

Unknown said...

"She should have told those two guys to put their heads together and make an ass of themselves."
She would have been a little late for that suggestion because thats what I thought I saw in the video! LOL!