Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama's Millionaire Buddies Are At it Again.

Following in lockstep with billionaire investor Warren Buffet, former Google employee and millionaire Doug Edwards asked President Obama a... well pretty stupid question.
And by the look and pause of Edwards, it is pretty obvious he was not comfortable asking "Would you please raise my taxes?" All this at a town hall meeting in California Monday.

In response to Edwards question, Obama asked "what start up company did you work for?" Based on Obama's expression when posing this question to his campaign donor Edwards, it appears that this guy is nothing but a plant for Obama, to backup his argument that millionaires and billionaires "must pay their fair share".

"And it chills me to see Congress not supporting the expiration of tax cuts that have been benefiting so many of us for so long."
Now, does it chill him or piss him off that most of us in the country have been able to keep the money we worked for, for so long.
It is our property.
But if Edwards is willing to give up some more of his money, WHIP OUT the old checkbook and have at it, Douggie.

This guy is an imbecile!


Silverfiddle said...

Hugh Hewitt had the take on this moron: He worked most of his life as a government mooch and fell into the Google thing, ending up with millions in stock options, so he can afford to say stupid crap like this.

Unknown said...

Smart man that Hewitt I'd say, Silver.
Even Edwards bald spot looks fake. :)

Unknown said...

Speaking of millionaire buddies...BO is loaning ALMOST ONE BILLION to two more solar companies. One of them is run by PELOSI'S brother-in-law. The other is based in Nevada with ties to Reid--This is Crony Socialism...an article somewhere coined that term.

Unknown said...

Heard about the Billions going to two more solar companies, but didn't hear that they where tied to the wicked witch of the west and Harry Ass Reid. WOAH, sounds like Chicago style politics, Scott.