Sunday, September 25, 2011

Move On Jobs Initiative- Take a Photo?

This jobs initiative comes from the bowls of Move On.
Their plan, take a photo of places and things where the Government can create jobs. Not private sector jobs, but Government jobs.
These Photos will be sent to congress to waste their time to convince them that Government is the solution to job creation and recovery. 
Spend, Spend, Spend...
-Can you take a photo to help create jobs?  
Yesterday, President Obama spoke from the Brent Spence bridge over the Ohio River about the vital connection between jobs and infrastructure repair. The Brent Spence bridge has been rated functionally obsolete and unsafe, it carries nearly twice the traffic it was designed to handle, and earlier this year, chunks of concrete fell from its upper level. And it isn't the only essential piece of infrastructure that's falling apart.
It's shameful that our bridges are literally crumbling while construction workers are unable to find employment. America's infrastructure needs work, and Americans need jobs. The solution is obvious: Put people back to work repairing our bridges, dams, highways, schools, and the rest of our failing infrastructure.
We're putting pressure on Congress to pass a jobs plan that does just that. But we need to make the problem visible. That's why the American Dream movement is setting out to find and photograph the jobs that need doing—and we need your help.
Can you take a picture of a job that needs doing in your community? 
OK, sure I can help with that. And it is essential to our existence. 
It's wide spread and desperate, in every city, town and village.
There's several pictures of places that need work immediately before IT collapses.



Chris said...

Hallmark now has cards for the unemployed. That is one big democraphic now. "Sorry you lost your job..." Just the fact that these cards exisat now says it all.

Unknown said...

I heard about that last night, Chris. Sure is telling of our times and the leadership ability of Obama to get the nation back on track. But he has no intentions of getting us on the right track, just his 'left' track.