Friday, September 9, 2011

Lonely Longshoreman

Either this guy is lonely..... Or he is just nothing but a foul mouth punkass who needs his skinny little behind pummeled.

This is a Longshoreman union supervisor, the union who tore up a shipyard on the west coast.
This union maggot and his socialist comrades trespassed on port property a few days ago and held security guards hostage, along with violating a federal court order by doing so, but he just can't get his message out there.

So the media came to him to get his message out.
But he wasn't having anything to do with that, either.


He sounds like he's a little lonesome since he did claim his name was "Co*k su*ker"


Chris said...

They need to put these idiots in jail and the unemployment line. Unions that act like this need to be "taken out". And I don't mean on a date.

Unknown said...

LOL, Chris. Perfect comment "need to be "taken out". And I don't mean on a date." for the post, but I really think this guy wants to be taken out. LOL
These guys are the root of this nation employment problems, put THEM on the government unemployment and replace them all.