Sunday, September 18, 2011

President to Blame the House if "His Jobs Plan" is Blocked

President Obama pretty much tells the nation, if the GOP blocks “His Jobs plan” he’ll take it to the American people, that the unemployment problem in America is the GOP’s fault.
“It’s time that those you sent to Washington start putting country before party. And stop worrying about their jobs and start worrying about yours.”

But listen carefully to Paul Ryan as he explains all the work the House has done since January 2011, and who is REALLY to blame for the continued high unemployment and who IS getting in the way of jobs growth…. The United States Senate.


“When the President does things like these, it leads me to believe that he is not in a bi-partisan consensus making mode, he’s in a class warfare and campaign mode and that’s not good for our economy.” And I will add, not good for employment growth, either.

And on the upcoming "Buffett Tax Plan" that Obama will announce tomorrow, Paul Ryan explains what Buffett failed to tell America and what Obama will be using to convince Americans that we need to raise taxes in everyone making over $200K. 


FIREBIRD said...

Of course he'll blame the House.... he's setting them up like a row of carnival ducks! And the sheeple will drink the koolade.... the man in the White House is not only disgusting - he's dangerous! Read from 9/17... says Obama was an investor in LightSquared.... who do you think might have tried to get Gen. William Shelton to change his congressional testimony? This man is a Chicago thug.

Silverfiddle said...

That was his political gambit all along.

Nobody with half a brain thinks his "jobs" plan will actually create any jobs. He's tried Reagan, Lincoln and who knows how many other presidents, now he wants to be Truman running against a do nothing congress

AdamsPatriot said...

Obama only fools the weak of mind, those who get information from sound bites and bits of sentences.

Those people would vote for Obama even if he committed murder while in the white house. However, these people aren't committed to even going to the polls unless someone pays them or drives them there.

Hell, they already voted for him after he admitted snorting COKE!

Unknown said...

My high hopes, Firebird, is that most of the sheeple are no longer listen to him. His Presidency is the laughing stock of the world.

Let’s see Silver, "Blame Bush, Blame Republicans, Blame the Koch Brothers, blame the Tea Party, etc... they are running out of people to blame, like they'll run out of other people’s money. :)

"Those people would vote for Obama even if he committed murder while in the white house"
Yes, AP, and then they'll blame Palin for the murder... somehow.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

People keep saying, correctly I might add, that companies both big and small are sitting on their cash and Ryan inadvertently or not explains why - the TAX INCREASE(s) associated with Obamacare coming down the pike.

This, Obamacare, is the largest reason for sustained and continued unemployment as it is by far the largest 'regulation' imposed on the private sector ever and loaded with thousands of both seen and unseen (not yet written) 'sub-regulations'.

Anonymous said...

If it passes and things become worse, he will blame the House. If it is held up, he will blame the House and Tea Party.