Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama's Rose Garden Review

With most Americans, monthly budgets are the only way to survive to get to the next payday.
Even the unemployed who have it much worse to manage their budgets then most of us do, don't even make it, but sometimes figure it all out.

During today's Rose Garden speech, Obama made this pointed comment that I would like to address here. It is, in my opinion, one of the most telling part of Obama's Rose Garden Speech:
-Washington has to live within its means, the government needs to do what Americans have been doing for years. We have to cut what we can’t afford, to pay for what really matters. 
But as he continued on, he drew to another point during his campaign... I mean, policy speech.
And as I see it, he is asking, on behalf of the Federal Government, for a raise.
-But It's GOT to be a plan that is balanced. A plan that the most fortunate among us must pay their fair share.
Raising taxes!

OK, here is where I want to make one point and one suggestion to America, to what Obama pushed out there today.

Point one:
I'll tell you what this American does to "Live with in our means"
Every month we have bills that have to be paid.
It's required of us, as we hold ourselves responsible, to pay for what we agreed to pay on. Most of us are responsible enough to know what we can afford each month and stay with in the affordability parameter we have set for ourselves with in our budget.

We take our net revenue and subtract our 'Have to's"
If we have anything left over, we either treat ourselves to something nice, or we sock it away to take a nice vacation or put it away for forecasted needs, like a new sofa, a car, or maybe a home we can call our own, as an investment.

Now here is what we cannot do. Something we really have no power or control over.
We CANNOT pass a law that FORCES our employer to pay us more.
We have to earn additional revenues by performance criteria's of how much value we have brought to the betterment of the business.
Normally, the performance reviews are conducted once a year.
We can march in to our bosses office and ask for a raise, but they are under no obligation to oblige.

We the People say the same thing, We are under NO obligation based on Governments performance to oblige your request.

So we live with in our means based on our income at the time. Work hard to perform at what we were hired to do and better ourselves by going above and be on, for the betterment of the business and ones self, in hopes our performance nets us additional income in the future.

As for the Federal Government, I ask them this.

What have YOU done to help make this a better country (company) based on it's founding core principles.
What have you done to go above and be on what you were hired to do by the will of your employer (We the People) to achieve those principles.

My suggestion to all Americans, and maybe this too should become law, or at least a movement.

To the Federal Government, based on your hire date, and will make that July 4th, We the People will do a performance review analysis based on your past year achievements and goals we have set for you as your employer, to better the country.
If you have fallen short of our goals we have set for you of promoting prosperity of the nation (betterment of the Business), you get NO raises (higher taxes) for which to spend of your own accord.


AdamsPatriot said...

Obama is going down in flames!
Saying anything and doing anything he can to make himself look smarter, but failing with every effort.
As a puppet, Obama is only as good as the puppet master, and the puppet master has left the building!

Unknown said...

Class warfare brings on repeal of the 16th amendment, as it is the most abused amendment in the constitution.
(thought this was a pretty good post, but I guess not :) )

AdamsPatriot said...

Yes it's a good post.
However there are two worlds in America:
1) The world of reality that everyday citizen live in.
2) The world of fantasy that government lives in.
in world 2, Pay for performance is criminally flawed.