Monday, February 28, 2011

Was An American Soldier Setup By His Own Country?

PFC David Lawrence, a 20 year old Indiana native who was serving in Afghanistan with the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division has been charged with premeditated murder for the alleged shooting of Mullah Mohebullah, a Senior Taliban Leader, on Oct. 17, 2010 while guarding him in Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

However, the circumstances surrounding Lawrence’s alleged actions are extremely odd. You see Lawrence was certified by the U.S. Army’s own Doctor as suffering from PTSD and schizophrenia.

Prior to the shooting of Mohebullah, Lawrence was flown to a Combat Stress Clinic in Kandahar, Afghanistan because he had repeatedly expressed severe mental distress to his leadership.

Lawrence spent 5 days there and was prescribed 2 drugs by an Army Doctor. Those drugs are Zoloft and Trezodone. When taken in combination the FDA reports the drugs can cause suicidal thoughts, altered consciousness, confusion, hallucinations and coma.

Then the Army sent Lawrence back to his unit, put him back on guard duty unsupervised, had him guard this particular prisoner, and made him serve long hours of duty more than he had served prior to going to the Combat Stress Center.

On states:
“He is accused of premeditated murder for the alleged shooting of Mullah Mohebullah on Oct. 17, 2010 while guarding him in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Mullah Mohebullah was a senior Taliban commander and had been captured by U.S. forces the day before his death. Mohebullah's death was announced by an angry Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Oct. 19, 2010. Formal charges were filed against PFC Lawrence by the U.S. Army on the same day”.

“On January 20, 2011, a team of Army forensic psychiatrists issued a formal opinion that at the time of the alleged offense, David suffered from severe schizophrenia as well as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The team of Army psychiatric experts, formally known in the military as a Sanity Board, also determined that as a result of the severe nature of David's mental illnesses, he was "unable to appreciate the nature and quality or wrongfulness of his conduct at the time of the alleged criminal misconduct." Although the medical conclusions of the Sanity Board are tantamount to a finding of not guilty by reason of lack of mental responsibility, the criminal charges against David have not been withdrawn. Rather, on January 31, 2011, the Lawrence family was officially notified that despite the Army's medical determination that David was not mentally responsible for the killing of Mohebullah, David would still be prosecuted for the alleged premeditated murder of Mullah Mohebullah at a general court-martial”.

“The prosecution of PFC David Lawrence is not without political implication. President Barack Obama traveled to Afghanistan on Dec. 3, 2010 to meet with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. One of the reported purposes of President Obama's visit was to ease tensions caused by Mohebullah's killing”.

There are reports that Mohebullah had been released from Guantanamo Bay and came back to fight with the Taliban. A search of the internet found many many ‘search results’ of this, yet when clicking on these search results many pages have been taken down. One might question; is our government, or a political faction in America, trying to censor information to hide or minimize these actions?

Here are some search results though...

The Dallas Morning News reports:
Culp said he believes Mohebullah may have been arrested previously, held at Guantanamo Bay and released. Culp said the Army may have dropped Mohebullah's name because of the potential embarrassment over the government releasing a prisoner who then resurfaced as a Taliban member. reports:
Culp said he believes Mohebullah may have been arrested previously, held at Guantanamo Bay and released. Culp said the Army may have dropped Mohebullah's name because of the potential embarrassment over the government releasing a prisoner who then resurfaced as a Taliban member.

During my research I found that The Huffington Post (a liberal/progressive news (?) outlet) showed (in my opinion) their contempt for this soldier; they practically hung him before he was even tried. Nowhere in their report did they suggest that Mohebullah may have been released from Gitmo.

Here are some takeouts from the Huffington Post report:
The article started with this comment: “A Fort Carson soldier was so eager to fight "the bad guys" in Afghanistan that he shot and killed a Taliban member who was sleeping in a jail cell”

"Pfc. Lawrence's zeal to kill the bad guys" led him to shoot the Taliban detainee

In testimony by speaker phone from Afghanistan, two soldiers who guarded Lawrence after his arrest said he told them that he and his lawyer might "play the crazy card."

They said that before Lawrence had his first judicial hearing in Afghanistan, he was smiling and laughing, with Miller saying he appeared "almost cocky."

"Well, if I get 20 years, I'll get out when I'm 40 and that wouldn't be too bad," Miller quoted Lawrence as saying.

However, the Huffington Post reporting on Lawrence’s mental state only said: Lawrence was sent to an Army combat stress center in Afghanistan for a few days, and when he returned to his unit, he was assigned to guard duty, which included guarding the captured Taliban member in his cell.

What The Huffington Post left out was any and all mental health information that is listed at the top of this post.

Lawrence was ‘rushed’ through the Army’s Article 32 hearings and set for Court Martial trial.

But does anyone remember the Fort Hood shootings. On Nov 5th 2009 An Army Doctor killed 15 American soldiers with lots of eye witnesses standing by. On Feb. 22, 2011 The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune reports: A military official is considering whether an Army psychiatrist should be court-martialed and face the death penalty for the mass shooting at Fort Hood.

In one instance we have the ‘rush to justice’ for the killing of an enemy prisoner by a mentally ill American soldier and in the other case we have a slow process to judgment for the slaughter of 15 American soldiers by an Army Doctor who is an American born Muslim of Palestinian decent with evidence of Jihad towards America.

The one main issue I am confused over is why the Army even brought Lawrence into a profession that has a primary tool of a gun, especially with Lawrence’s family history of schizophrenia and that a his Grandmother and Uncle had lost children to the disease?

All that is stated here gives the impression that:
1) The Army is outrageously incompetent and is trying to cover up their incompetence.
2) The Obama Administration is trying to appease Karzai, so he throws a mentally ill soldier under the bus. (and we know Obama has thrown others under the bus before).
3) Or The U.S. Government has found a new away to eliminate captured Taliban soldiers and hang our own mentally ill for it. Does this then make David Lawrence a ‘political prisoner’ of his own country?

Here is a link to the complete news video of David Lawrence's story!


Chris said...

This news will drop the military moral even lower then it already is. I pray he is OK after this.

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, you did a great post here. Based on all you lay out, it seems VERY fishy to me. I hope He is OK after this whole mess too.

AdamsPatriot said...

His parents are trying to raise $100K for his defense.

On top of that Obama has sent theating letters to the family saying if they don't cooperate with authorities they will be fined and imprisoned.

This whole thing reeks of coverup!

Unknown said...

I'd be willing to bet that 2 AND 3 play in to this whole BS railroading of PFC Lawrence. There is a pattern of appeasement with in this administration.

Good job AP, all you have found, lumped together.
Even those other many pages that have been taken down are exposing this.
Now, what I have done is snapped a webpage pic of this post, just in case. :)

Anonymous said...

I would agree that their is likely a cover-up and it is tragic. I feel for him and his family.

I think that where are agreements on this issue likely end. I don't find it that likely for Obama to be involved. To me like the Lara Logan case it's best to use Occams Razor in these situations.

I think having been involved and around the military for many years that it can be explained away without involving a deity or Obama. You don't need it to reach the president for the shit to start rolling down hill. In fact given the military's long history of railroading lower ranks to protect careers we can just stop with military officials as far as the Conspiracy goes.

Personally i think it would be better for Obama to acknowledge that the PFC was suffering from PTSD and railroad the officers involved in sending him back. That would lift enlisted and veteran morale about the concerns of combat stress issues. So i don't think Obama was most likely involved. I think the Army can take the blame for this one.

I do have to admit the LIBERAL ATTACK was well planned and executed perfectly if everyone on your blog just took what you said as fact. but when i checked the Huffpo story out, i found that posted the same story with the same quotes on the same day, and the same lack of mention about his medication.

But the culprit lies not with either them or you, its the AP that is trying to borrow him, it was their story.

Ft. Carson soldier accused of killing prisoner
Published November 30, 2010 Associated Press

Read more:

what was that about Liberals and lies the other day Adams?

AdamsPatriot said...

I'm so pleased that you like this writing. Perhaps we can become closer in our views, but then again, maybe not.

Concerning Obama and the reports of his involvement, As I stated 'it gives the impression'. That is my opinion, which is shared by others.

But, yes if Obama were a bigger man (like when he stood up for his college prof over the cop on national TV) he would do some thing 'positive' for Lawrence instead of 'threatening' his family.

In reviewing the left leaning AP's 'STATEMENT OF NEWS VALUES AND PRINCIPLES', I noticed one glaring omission...that is they left out 'omission' of information' from their purist statement. So this is exactly what the did, they left out crucial and overwhelming facts which, actually, make this story a story.

BTW, shadowy left leaners are actually liberals in disgusie.

'Omissions' born of liberals are liberal lies regardless of where they finally end up.

Anonymous said...

Adams i would hesitate to accuse the AP of intentionally doing it. Something that many of you might not know or fully understand is just how compartmentalized the military is about news information. It may just be that the information had not been released yet, or that they were not cleared to discuss his medical records yet.

You do know that with the new HIPAA rules that releasing medical records are much tougher now. But instead of criticizing the AP as a whole, perhaps it would be more likely that the Army officials in charge either didn't want that damaging piece of information released.

This story smacks of the same type of thing that went on during the Bush term, first with the overdrawn Heroics of the whole PFC Lynch capture, the cover up of Pat Tillman, the railroading of Lynndie England and the others. None of these started or needed the President to be involved and i don't for a minute believe that the President then or now had real time operational control over the incidents or the cover ups.

As for blaming the Army for his recruitment, you have to know what he put down on the forms. My parents know my medical history, but i filled out my own paperwork which they never saw. So do they have copies of his original recruitment paperwork? I could go all day about the stuff people tried to hide from the military to get in.

And then you have to take into account that family medical history doesn't automatically preclude you. Even mental illness. And then you could add in a crooked recruiter who sways the kid to hide things or changes them. That is another thing you hear a lot about. Had a family friend who tried to slide through basic hiding pills he had to take. Didn't make it. Recruiter got flagged and it became a whole mess.

AdamsPatriot said...

OK, that's one theory!

What I'm dealing with are the 'published facts'.

The facts are out there and are available even to me, and I'm not even a AP reporter.

What was written by the AP sure looks and smells like is has an agenda all over it.

BTW, what do the say about the Office of the President of the United States? It is the most powerful position in the world! and you say: i don't for a minute believe that the President then or now had real time operational control over the incidents or the cover ups.

The buck stops with the President, just like it did with Bush and we know haw the Libs always liked to push that button.

Anonymous said...

We are both working on your evidence. You have a theory and i have a theory based on it.

I think your taking your theory a bit too far based on a personal bias against Obama and the mainstream media.

thats all.