Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak to Step Down-UPDATE P2


Mubarak will step down as Egypt’s ruler and hand over control of the country to the Military Council.
This was the right and pridictable thing to do, as most in Egypt respect the Military.

This also assures that, at least for now, that the Muslim Brotherhood will not be poised to fill any leadership void.

The Egyptian Military gets millions of military supply dollars from the US and has a close relationship with our military. And the Egyptian Military knows any power grab by the Muslim Bortherhood will cut off those funds.

This is, from this stand point, the best move to make. The Egyptian Military, I believe will not put up with radical Islam hijacking Egypt control and have an orderly transition of power.

More from Fox News

Mubarak pussy's out and stays on until Sept. Passes power to VP

Mubarak listens to APDP, :) steps down and hands power to Military.


AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, your a little too quick, looks like it's a no go!

Unknown said...

Fox is a little to quick, AP.
Of course you can't trust those middle eastern guys to tell the truth.

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, now you can post his resignation!

Hope this doesn't turn into another Iran.

Watch Obama try to take credit for this!

Funny, it took 17 days of camping out in Cario Square to get Mubarak to resign, wonder if we can do the same in DC to get Barack to resign?

Unknown said...

OK updated (again) and I take credit for it. LOL