Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Price of Going Green

Guess the liberals forgot the price they'll have to pay when you are encouraged to go green.
With a Federal tax break for buying an electric car, so goes that tax levied on per gallon of gasoline, because they won't be buying gas at their local gas station any time soon..... 

From the Seattle Times:
Electric-car owners not only don't buy gasoline, they also don't pay gas taxes.
A bill introduced in the state Senate would try to get back some of that money for the state.
Under the legislation, electric-car owners would pay a special $100 "fee" each year when registering their vehicles.
Senate Bill 5251 would require electric-car owners to pay the $100 "fee", in addition to any other required fees and taxes, when the vehicle is first registered, and when the registration is renewed.

OK, since when is a "FEE" a "TAX"
It's NOT
BUT, like Obamacare, they call it a fee.... at first.... which I am sure if they keep that language, it will be challenge in the courts as unconstitutional, based on it never says "tax fee".... in either instance.

Read on:

Anti-tax activist Tim Eyman said he doesn't think Haugen's bill proposes a fee at all.
"That's a tax. It's no fee," he said. (does that sound familiar? AKA Obama)
Eyman contends the fee should be subject to an initiative he sponsored, I-1053, that requires a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate, or voter approval, to increase taxes. I-1053 was approved in November.

The Ready, Fire, Aim, approach to government....
Be Green!
Buy an electric car!
OPPPPPPPPPPS we forgot... if you buy an electric car, we have no way of collecting taxes.
Until we find some way to call a fee a tax....

This is a clear abuse of stealing by government.


Anonymous said...

its funny, when you look at the states with the lowest taxes on income and some not at all they have these strange "Fees" that other states may not have. Some states have high taxes and fees.

And then there's the podunk towns with speed traps that play Tax by cop.

Unknown said...

Speed traps that play tax by cops?
You mean pay a penalty for endangering others safety, don't you?

Anonymous said...


AdamsPatriot said...

So what do you get in return for the fee?

Nothing! Your forced into buying an electric car because BO has drain our ability to produce oil and the beats us into submitting to buying and electric car, then we have to pay a fee for something we already get for decades at every
outlet in the house.

It's kind of like bottled water, everyone has it, it's in abundance, it's highly excessable, but you put water into someone elses bottle and then you get screwed big time for the contents.

AdamsPatriot said...

Speaking of going green,
I just rebuilt my 2 stroke cutoff saw for the 2nd time since buying it new 4 years ago.

This time I rebuilt it myself for $185.00 Last time it cost $450.00 for the factory store to rebuild.

Why? Ethanol! That shit keeps the oil from properly lubricating the cylinder, tearing up the piston and cylinder. Factory says 50:1 mix with synthetic oil. NOPE, now it's gonna be 75:1, and it's gonna smoke, oh well, so much for saving the planet!

AdamsPatriot said...

I mean 50:1.5

Unknown said...

Ethanol, AHHH the old f*ck up your engine brain child from the left.
I don't ever buy it if I can help it.
Also dries out your engine seals.

Anonymous said...

How do you know its not jetting or using old gas that is doing it? You have to use fresh gas with ethanol, cause temp changes are a beyutch. Condensation in 10% ethanol is bad enough to create that lovely white goop that destroys engines.

Had a buddy who kept bringin his chainsaw into his walkout basement to keep it warm during the winter in between use and he had to get new chain saw.

Personally never had bad luck with ethanol yet. Only buy it two gallons at a time for the sleds and tools in the winter. Get them guys buying five gallons at a time for the old non-injected sleds and then rebuilding them alot.

I use Amsoil dominator in all my two strokes. All 100 to 1. Even the 72 kitty kat with the little kawasaki motor. originally 35 to 1.

AdamsPatriot said...

How do I know?
Seeing as that I buy the gas, do the mix and use the saw frequenly during the year in my business should tell you how well I know.
But what I didn't know was that ethanol would do this damage untill I had to rebuild this a second time and a parts guy pointed out the problem.
So I looked at the staton that I buy fuel from and there it was. And my research on the net pointed it out also.
So then I spoke to rental places that I rent from and they siad they had this problem untill they specifically used gas without ethanol.
However, a friend who has the same equipment never had to rebuild because he doesn't use ethanol gas.
So some times you don't really know about something untill you have a problem and start asking questions...then you find out how others found out about ethanol, the same way I did!

BTW, I read my saw's owner's manual closer this time, guess what it said? "In order to obtain an optimum engine output and to protect
your health and the environment use unleaded fuel
only. Gasoline which contens alcohol should not used in MAKITA products".
But it doesn't explain what happens if you do use fuel with alcohol. Now I know!

Anonymous said...

Adams, i'm not saying it couldn't be just that there could be other problems. And that the fact that your not used to handling E10 gasoline in these engines could be the problem or part of it.

I'm just trying to be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh and the highly conservative Corn growers have pushed ethanol additives to gas harder than Lefties.

and there's this from the Conservative National Review on Republican love for corn ethanol farm subsidies.

AdamsPatriot said...

Joe, there is a 3 stage air filtration and a one way felt filtration on the gas. The only way anything can get into the cylinder is if the spark plug was taken off and metal shavings were put in.

However, as a fact, alcohol keeps oil from doing it's job of lubricating, poor or no lubricating and the piston ring drags on the cylinder wall creating friction, friction creates heat and a high degree of wear, when the wear has gone far enough there is a loss of compression, no compression no power. No power no sawing!

The NET is full of info and experiences on this issue with ethanol.

As far as Lib or Conserv. I don't care what political party thought this was a good idea, they both are stupid to have had it done and are stupid to continue it.

I also remember back when I was a kid my Grandparents were paid by the feds to NOT plant any crop in their fields. The program was called the Soil Bank. Basically, it was sold as a way to conserve soil runoff by rains, but it actually was a way to control crop prices by reducing the amount of crop on the open market and maintaining a high value for the crop.

But tax payers paid for that program. I don't know and I don't care what political party brought that up, it was just stupid, also.

Hows that for being non-partisan.

Anonymous said...

Adams i'm not disagreeing with you. Its very likely that it is the cause or at least an aspect of the cause. I've worked on enough two strokes and have alot of friends in the vintage sled world to know that.

I also know that improper handling of gas and oil mixtures in non-injected two strokes can make the ethanol issue much worse than it need be. Take for instance the oil you use. IS it a full synthetic "ester" based oil? extremely refined mineral oil marketed as synthetic could be the issue. Do you leave the gas in the container for weeks at a time or the equipment? Does the equipment or gas can go from hot to cold prior to use?

These things can exacerbate the problems and could cause the same issues with regular gas.