Sunday, February 27, 2011

Madison Protesters-Rude, Crude & Lude

A live feed from Madison Wisconsin today by Fox News, covering the event, and the Union hacks hecklers and shout downs from them become unruly, belligerent to the extent that even the reporter said he was hit with a sign.

These people are just rude, crude, and lude and I am sure they are not winning the hearts of Americans when they act like this.

Another protester threatened to break Mike Tobin’s neck as he was broadcasting from Madison:

This is the public sector unions folks.
Your Tax Dollars At Work.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

As pathetic as these liberals are I cannot help but be pleased the longer this drags out.

Every time without fail these jackasses are live on camera they prove to be just that, jackasses.

By the bye, I sure would like to see that guy try to break Mikes neck,,lol,,Tobin ain't no small guy and am sure he would love to take a crack at whipping that guys ass, I would pay to see that!

AdamsPatriot said...

To liberals the truth matters not.

To liberals, when faced with the truth, they call it a lie.

To liberals, a lie is the full summation of their personal existence.

To liberals, when they run out of coherent thoughts they turn to cussing and violence.

Liberals, get a clue, Socialism cannot fulfill your addiction to greed.

Anonymous said...

Is that a poem there brother? You should put a collection together. We could call it,

"My hatred for my political opposites in rhyme."

Anyways you should work on it. Maybe make some money

Unknown said...

Shows lack of intelligence too, Christopher.
I can here it now, 'We'll show America our cause and be rude at the same time. Right on live, nation TV'...

I think Tobin would make it an easy task of defending himself.

Unknown said...

AP, every point well stated, especially "when faced with the truth, they call it a lie."

Chris said...

Thank you for posting the left-wing violence and hateful rhetoric. The MSM isn't showing any of these videos. The MSM and Democratic Party are saying that these videos don't exist and that the protests are peaceful. The union monopoly wants to keep their monopoly even if it costs us our country to give it to them. They may be willing to risk it but the rest of us aren't. The more violence the left and unions do the fewer people want to suport it. Obama is getting into the mix with the unions. They have lost.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Mark: These dregs of society are beyond horrible. As much as I loathe this kind of awful behaviour, if they had to do it, they couldn't have picked a better person than a FOX REPORTER! How dumb can you get? They are putting it out there for all to see what thugs they are. I hope they keep it up, and people keep recording and exposing them.

Unknown said...

They are shooting their cause in the foot, Bunni. And I have NOOOOO problem with that. LOL