Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 2nd Amendment in Full Force

This from the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade show.
My favorite, the M1-34 ass kicker.
And the young lady, handles it like a pro!
Got to love it!

God Bless America!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

God Bless America Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was KICK ASS (Excuse my French)!

Extra unsolicited observation, the host is very cute!

Unknown said...

Yes sir, Christopher. One hell of a good time, I'd say.
And yes, the host, yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeoooowwwwwwww! :)

Anonymous said...

Yawn, they pay people to do that. Sorry you gun-loving patriots missed that job opportunity.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Mark, I had to watch that again!

Two things; I had the great opportunity to visit in Cookville,TN and we did not have a minivan but an array of weapons that would make even the slightest enthusiast salivate and we had a great time!

I also work with a U.S. Marine, not current due to injury, but nonetheless a Marine who competes in shooting with Marines. Add to that I also work with an Air Force Vet who specialized in guarding Aircraft - Security and now trains -legally- those who wish to obtain a CCW.

God I love our Country!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Joe, And they (we) pay Geitner to do his job?

Be frickin' serious!

AdamsPatriot said...

Jihad Habib was driving that van! Joe catch the next one!

Unknown said...

Christopher, sounds sweet. Did you by any chance snap some pics down in TN? Would love to see them if you did.
Nice to see you've got good connections. Would love to train for a CCW. That would be quote awesome.

Unknown said...

Joe, what does it matter. Paid or not.
I know you don't like it, but there still is a second amendment.
So when or if Sharia law is proclaimed, I think you'll appreciate us "gun-loving patriots" cause will naturalize that.
One reason why the founders wrote the 2nd, as a last line of defense...

Anonymous said...

I'm just teasing ya. Relax. I'm not a gun hater. I trained on weapons in the military and am a hunter and gun owner. Never fired a Gatling before though.

The girl is hot. Been watching her for a while now on Attack of the Show.

Chris said...

Ain't America Great?