Sunday, February 28, 2010

Democrat double talk

How hypocritical is this from Nathan Daschle, Executive Director of the Democratic Governors Association?
"Americans are frustrated and fed up with the GOP's nonstop obstruction, ideological smears, and unyielding commitment to failed Republican ideas. With each passing day, Republicans get more fired up, irrational, and disconnected with reality -- and there couldn't be a more dangerous combination for people who wield real power.

Over and over, this is what I heard last weekend when I met with Democratic governors from across America -- I couldn't agree with them more.

These Republicans are ignoring America's call for action and progress on jobs, healthcare, you name it ... and focusing instead on seizing enough governorships to manipulate congressional redistricting and gerrymander themselves into control of Congress for the next decade."

Now, for a moment, stop and think about that last statement "
focusing instead on seizing enough governorships"

But Nathan goes on to "focus on" holding enough governorships with this:

"We only have three days left and we're still $54,280 away from our critical end-of-the-month goal. It's imperative that we meet this goal and get the resources to defeat the power-hungry Far Right"


Mr Daschle complains about the GOP focusing on winning governorships, but then turn around and asks for money for the DGA to hold off the GOP???

But the most profound Daschle statement is
every single penny you give today will be spent directly on preventing this cheap and underhanded GOP takeover"

And he's asking for $54K
And underhanded takeover???
OK..... since WHEN is an election "UNDERHANDED"???
You wonder what kind of person buys in to this BS double talk?
Uneducated minions.


Chris said...

It is getting harder keeping up with all their lies and half truths. They keep pointing out the half that is true while we point out the lieing half.

Unknown said...

I replied back to this tool and told him that he needs to follow his "own advise if you're going to give it out"..... He had no comment. :)
The Daschel's, what a clan they are.

Chris said...

Good for you. I'm so glade you are a political activist. They might not hear us now but they will in Nov. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Is this Tom Daschel's kid?

Jesus, these Hypocrats are reproducing like rabbits.

Unknown said...

Yep, chip off the old piece of shit, I always say.:))