Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice 'Tea Party'

Lansing, MI- When State of Michigan lawmakers return to work today they were greeted by an array of cold Ice Tea Party snowmen (and women).

The display was the work of a mid-Michigan group called Common Sence in Government that is reported to be affiliated with the Tea Party Movement.
Wendy Day, spokeswoman for the group said, " If the legislators feel a chill in the air, it isn't just because it is February. People are watching closely and won't stand for any new taxes".
This because Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) has proposed extending the state sales tax to cover some services to raise more than $500 million for the state.

Well you got to give them a great big hand, braving the cold to challenge their elected officials.
Good JOB!!!


Chris said...

Nothing better then making fun of those idiots letting the government run them instead of running the government.

Unknown said...

Good point, Chris. I have this image in my mind that when they are elected to a government position and you are sworn in, they are handed a nose ring to be worn at all time during their term, so they don't wander to much in to public opinion and stay with in the 'government boundaries'.