Monday, November 5, 2012

Black Panthers At it Again!

The Black Panthers Party is at it again.
This time in Cleveland, OH
 Cuyahoga County, the Cleveland area of Ohio, is ground zero for Obama. Look who is welcoming folks to the polls today: BLACK PANTHERS...standing by the front door of the Board of Elections for Cleveland, Ohio. What do you think their mission is?


Right Truth said...

I think the court ruled they can be there but they cannot have any kind of weapon, like the nite sticks they had last time. I believe I heard that on Fox.

I also heard about a group of former SEALS and special forces who will be "observers" at polling sites, saying 'people who are watched are more prone to stay honest..."

Right Truth

FIREBIRD said...

Yep - while the black panthers are watching the voters, the SEALS will be watching the black panthers. I just love democracy!

Unknown said...

Can't seem to find anything on that, RT.
But Federal election laws state that no advocacy or electioneering can take place inside a polling location or within either 100 -300 ft of a polling location.
Does it count in this instance. Probably not. But we all know what they did last time and their presence is a threat based on that recent history and statements from them.
Lets hope SEAL's are counter to the group.

Unknown said...

Hoping they are in Cleveland today to watch them, Firebird!