Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free Speech or Hate Speech

Well the Chicago left are once again screaming bloody bigotry.
Why you ask?
All because of a simple message on the backside of a CTA bus.
"In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Copts. Defeat Jihad,

(Handout / November 14, 2012)

Sounds about right. Jihad is a rallying cry of a physical struggle that takes the form of violence. Holy War against infidels(non-believers).

But for some reason, some leftest in Chicago took that as a degrading messages and the picture appeared on Facebook and Twitter denouncing the campaign.
Many said it was degrading a spiritual tenet of Islam because they believe that Jihad refers to a Muslim's personal quest to become a better person, and the message on the billboard amounts to hate speech.

"This whole campaign insinuates Muslims are violent,” said Asaf Bar-Tura, programs director for the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs.
Some Muslims are, and THAT'S the message here.

“If it's within their legal powers, the CTA should either not put it up because they incite hate and stereotypical thinking or put a label next to each sign saying `The CTA disagrees with this ad.’ ” Bar-Tura continued.
Radical Muslims use this as a rallying cry to kill. End of story on this so called "protest"

Pam Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative are the ones who took out these ads and, in the past, she had sued transit authorities in New York City and Washington, D.C., when they initially rejected the ads. Those judges ruled that public forums such as buses and trains can't bar advertising entitled to First Amendment protection.
"Perhaps this is the strangest thing of all. Their utter lack of awareness, or denial, of the barrel pointed straight between their eyes," Geller said. "It is an odd combination of naivete, brainwashing and self-loathing that I will never comprehend." And Geller's lawyer has threaten legal action against CTA if they didn’t place the ads.

This blogger totally agrees with Geller. They are naivete, brainwashed  and self-loathing fools who just don't get the message.


FIREBIRD said...

Our struggle is not against Jihadists.... it's against the racists who point to US and scream 'RACIST'... If I'm anti-Obama I'm a racist. Well, so be it.

Unknown said...

And once the left uses that phrase "racist", when there is none, they immediately have lost the argument.

FIREBIRD said...

They have also cheapened legitimate cases of racism (and I'm sure there ARE cases where it's true) - much like crying rape when there was none.

Unknown said...

True. It's the chicken little effect when people continue to spew the word, without legitimacy.