Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obamacare/tax- Putting The Dems On Record

Today, the highly unpopular Obamacare, now Obamatax, was laid to waste by the House, in a bi-partisan vote to repeal this liberty robbing, historical tax increase on American citizens, LAW.

By a vote of 244-185, the House of Representatives put one party on record, that is to be careful what you vote on, it might come back to bite you in the ASS in Nov.

Five Democrats ended up defecting Wednesday in the repeal vote. Reps. Mike Ross, D-Ark.; Dan Boren, D-Okla.; Mike McIntyre, D-N.C.; Larry Kissell, D-N.C.; and Jim Matheson, D-Utah, all voted yes.

All Republicans vote to repeal.

Of course, this vote infuriated the Dems and cranked up the verbal bashing.

A few examples:
"It's unfortunate that the Republican leadership has chosen to set jobs aside -- not just this week, but essentially every week that they've been in charge ... to spend time on partisan messaging only," House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
Of course Nanny Pelosi and her party chose to ignore the suffering of Americans by spend countless months hammering this bill, now law, behind closed doors, without one single Republican idea that was proposed put in to it. Plus her complete dishonesty with regards to 'essentially every week they've been in charge' BS. The House has passed 30 jobs bills, with only a tiny handful of them to ever see the light of day, thanks to the Dem Control Senate and Whitehouse.

Whitehouse talking head, Jay Carney called the vote an exercise to score political points, saying this is the kind of display Americans:

"loathe about politics in Washington."

Canary Carney has forgotten that 61% of the American people want it all, or parts of Obamacare nixed.

Remember this come Nov 2012, folks. If your Representive voted against repeal, repeal them!!!


FIREBIRD said...

ya know - none of this matters because half the country is on some sort of government handout and they won't bite the hand that feeds them.... this is the beginning of the end, no matter who is in the White House.... these people on the tit will not vote out the hand that feeds them... the beginning of the end of the greatest country ever...

FIREBIRD said...
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Unknown said...

It will be up to all of us to keep hammering at those who are on the government teet, that with entitlements, comes loss of liberty.

Sorry about the codes. Tried it for a few days without it and I got a number of spam emails sent to my in box.

FIREBIRD said...

Codes are ok - I'll manage.... one comment about Larry Kissell - he's a blue dog Reagan democrat - WHOSE DISCRICT INCLUDES CHARLOTTE - SITE OF THE DEMOCRAT CONVENTION - Kissell has said he will NOT go to the convention and he will NOT endorse Obama. Give me hope!

As for the House vote - the Republicans need to beat the living chit out of the Dems with this TAX! IT'S A TAX! THEIR BELOVED SUPREME COURT SAYS IT'S A TAX! And it will be the biggest TAX in the history of the world!