Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wisconsin Unions Disrupt Special Olympic Ceremonies

These Public Unions and their disruptive nature.

The video below shows Scott Walker giving a speech at the opening ceremonies of the Wisconsin Special Olympics, and public unions decided it was a good place to bring their grievances towards the Governor by disrupting his speech to these special people.

These unions are the lowest of the lowest .
Was this the best place to protest?
IS this the place to protest, in front of these handicapped people who really don't understand what THEIR message is all about. The Special Olympians just wanted to compete and have fun.

As far as I am concerned, the Wisconsin Public Unions have one message.
"We are not the brightest bunch, are we!"


Chris said...

Liberals are the ones that want to kill Down Syndrom babies. How can we expect anything other then this kind of action? These children are a valuable part of our society. As if these kids didn't have a hard enough time as it is these idiots had too try and ruin their big day.

This is evil at it's purest form. Satan must have been proud of his evil minion. The unions and lefties are always on the sive of evil. Always!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Mark, I just caught this on another site and commented as follows,,,,

Disgusting! These 'people' are just sick in the head, heart and forget the soul as they have none.

I am not sure whether or not (I pray the latter) the kids were aware of these despicable actions but know their parents were and hope these miscreants are proud to ruin this moment for them?

This is so low it is hard to believe even from the left!?

Unknown said...

Chris, I am so furious at these G.D. Unions!!
They're despicable hacks and should be stripped of the label 'Americans'.

There is NO, and I mean NO good reason to show up at the opening ceremonies of the Wisconsin Special Olympics.
It's kind of personal here guys. Michigan just had theirs last week and my niece won 2 gold metals and I am very proud of her for her great achievement.
But then you have these despicable hacks do this???
F*&%EN pisses me OFF!!!

1000% correct, Christopher!!!
"forget the soul as they have none."

Anonymous said...

One union dumbass said that the "retarded kids didn't even know what the protest was or what a zombie is, so what's the harm?"
You need to show the video of the kids crying for fear of these dicks. It broke my heart the way these democrats act.
At this point I wouldn't put anything past the unions,liberals and the democratic party.
Messing with the disabled is evil.

Steve Fealk said...

These were the signs:

God hates Special Olympics participants!

What do the protesters have against the Special Olympics???

But it's 'ok' to protest against Walker in this setting...because paying 6% of healthcare costs and 12% of retirement costs is WAY tougher than, say, dealing with chronic mental and physical disability.

This is something Bruce Fealk would have done.

Unknown said...

-Anon, Have not seen this video and can't seem to find it either.
Can you point me in the right direction?
The left is the lowest form of Americans there can be.

-Steve, I'll take your 6% of healthcare cost / 12%retirement cost as be sarcastic. :)
Speaking of Bruce, any relation there (ie; last name) :)

Silverfiddle said...

We've got 'em on the run! The more we pressure the humanity-hating liberals, the more their true colors show. They are disgusting, and America is watching

Unknown said...

Yep and you can look at it like that, also.
They are the slime beneath a rock.