Sunday, June 5, 2011

Islam- If You Lie as a Muslim, It is Forgiven

Interesting bit of information from a middle eastern woman.

Brigitte Gabriel, who is an outspoken terrorism analyst, informs us that within Islam, a "lie is permissible as long as it is used to defend Islam or to win an argument against an enemy".
She, as many Americans do, have a big concern ever since Keith Ellison was elected to the US Congress because his first allegiance is to Islam, and not his country, nor its governing document, The US Constitution.
She is an outspoken critic on Islam, that is with in the beltway.
As she says "Because for the love of my country, because I am able say what you think but you are unable to say because you will be labeled a racist, because of the way YOU look, you are Caucasian.... if anyone is going to accuse me of being a racist, they better be prepared to argue in Arabic, my mother tongue before they can call me a racist." 

However, if she had said this in her native land, her husband would beat her in to submission.

She's got a fire in her belly... I like it!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Good piece Mark but I believe she does not, at least here, go far enough.

The cult of islam is based on a lie to begin with. or several as it were, and when those lies were revealed 'abrogation' took place.

I have spoken about this fact before both on my site and in personal dealings and wish all to do the same,

Yes we are fighting terrorism, but when knowing thy enemy of a cult rather than a 'religion' it will be much easier to defeat, let alone free people from the shackles of slavery.

Unknown said...

I have seen her many times before. If I had everything she has talked about, with regards to Islam, you might not stick around to watch or read it... It would be extensive. lol

"knowing thy enemy of a cult rather than a 'religion' it will be much easier to defeat, let alone free people from the shackles of slavery."
And that is what our society doesn't understand, neither does our government. They walk on egg shells, so as not to insult a religion, not knowing it's a cult. The left hide behind the train of thought that it's a religion, which would diminish our values, but don't really realize that it's a cult nature we are really dealing with.
Good points, Christopher!