Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leftest Steal from State Charities

Thats right, you read the headline correctly!

The Quinn administration in Illinois has been skimming money off the charity funds that taxpayers paid in to when asked if they would like to donate some or all of their returns, to the state charity banks.
Quinn and the Illinois state legislators use the stolen funds to help pay down that states debt.

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Over the last two years, the state of Illinois in order to pay its basic bills has seized more than $1.6 million from at least 15 different “charity” funds, to which Illinoisans voluntarily donate for causes like feeding the hungry and helping the homeless.
Each year, the Illinois Department of Revenue invites taxpayers to donate their tax refunds or other money to a handful of funds described as “charities” and avenues to “make a difference” and “make giving easy.” The “voluntary charitable donation funds,” of which there have been more than 50 different varieties over the years, are commonly called “check-off” funds and range in purpose from preserving wildlife and researching diseases to supporting military families and promoting healthy smiles.
For the 2008 tax year, Illinois workers donated a total of $1.4 million to 10 different funds. But, with the approval of the General Assembly, Gov. Pat Quinn authorized $434,300 in sweeps from seven of the funds in Fiscal Year 2010
For the 2009 tax year, Illinois taxpayers donated $1.37 million to 10 different funds, but during the current fiscal year, FY2011, Quinn has borrowed $1,176,100 from seven of those funds as well as five other check-off funds that are no longer listed on tax forms but were holding donated money from previous years.
While the state is required by law to repay the borrowed sums within 18 months, the state will not return any swept funds.
-On March 21 Gov. Pat Quinn took $134,900 from the Alzheimer’s disease research fund, leaving less than $1,300 behind. During the previous fiscal year, the state swept $112,500 from the fund. 
-Pam Molitoris runs the Central Illinois Food Bank, which expected to receive about $5,000 from the hunger relief check-off fund to help support its $1.5 million budget. Appearing on tax forms for the first time following Tax Year 2009, the hunger relief fund brought in more than $100,200 that would have been available during the current fiscal year, had the state not borrowed from it in the amount of $98,400.
- Penny Severns breast, cervical and ovarian cancer research fund, worry donations to the fund will drop with news of the sweeps and borrowing. The state borrowed $354,200 in FY2011 and swept $33,300 in FY2010 from the Penny Severns fund

Here is the list of funds the Quinn administration have taken money from to help balance his over the top spending habits. Highway Robbery of Charities!


Silverfiddle said...

As the revenue continues to dry up, government thievery will become even more brazen.

Unknown said...

Funny how these lefties claim they are all for helping the less fortunate but then turn around and pick-pocket the real champions of charity.
Change their party to Hypocrates... All of them!

Riots In Canada said...

They fuck us every which way but loose. The ruin the Special Olympics and then steal from them. I'd like to ssee what Bruce Fealk, JoeC and djtyg have to say about their evil ilk.

Unknown said...

OUTRAGEOUS! I heard this morning about Maryland teachers being forced to join the union. If they do their paychecks are garnished for dues--70% of which goes to the national union (Dems.). They can opt out on a religious exemption in which case they are required to donate to a 501 C3 cause, and must submit verification monthly. The grimy Demoncat weasels will no doubt find a way to "opt" into the cash.

Chris said...

We will find out in time that Obama and the Democratic Party have robed us blind of trillions of dollars. Great job bringing this to our attention.

Unknown said...

Well JoeC has been around here before, but not in a couple of months, RIC and I have invited Bruce here a number of times, but he refuses to step foot in here. (BTW: Please be careful about the language, I understand your passion, but I have no control over what under age person might happen upon here, but I do appreciate your input. Thanks)

You're kidding me, Scott. OK now THAT is WAAAAAY to controlling and too much power!!
Haven't read that one yet, but I am curious as to what authority they can force teachers to join a union. Something I'd like to look in to.

Chris, I nearly feel over in my chair when I read this. This was passed on to me to the IL RNC. And I thank them for this.
Everyone needs to know who the heck is running their states and where ALL funds are headed to.