Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Obama is Pimping White People"

Dr. James David Manning speaks in the video below on Trump, Obama's legitamacy to be President and Obama pimping white people to become President. It's an interesting video, perhaps you will feel it was deserving of your time. In any event the contents within the video are putting more heat on Obama.


Unknown said...

Interesting piece, AP. Trump trumped every thing Meredith threw at him! You could tell she looked pissed at him even thinking or questioning Obama BC.

Anonymous said...

I thought we where at a men's slow pitch tournament she through such weak-ass softballs.

Surprisingly trump spent most of the time swinging and missing or fouling them off.

Manning is a fringe freakazoid.

AdamsPatriot said...

Yeah, it's not like 'Hardball with Chris Matthews' is it ie; liberal lies.

Joe, is 'freakaziod' the new liberal term for "non-kool-aid drinking uncle toms"?

Here's a the greatest freakaziod of all time... Al Sharpton!