Monday, April 4, 2011

Like The Price At the Pump? Just Wait

In an interview today with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, John Thune, Senator from South Dakota has reveal that embedded with in Obama's 2012 budget could very well be a $435B excise tax coming to a pump near you.

Senate Republicans, including Senator Rubio, have sent a letter to the Obama Administration asking the administration what this new revenue stream to fund transportation is. What Senator Thune calls Phantom Revenue.
The administration appears to be evasive on the subject. But by all indications, this will be a federal tax increase on per gallon of gasoline.
When a barrel of oil now sits at $108 per barrel, and projected to go higher. Can Americans afford to pay more out of pocket cash to the Government.


AdamsPatriot said...

Liberals have proven over and over agian that their ONLY concern is with generating revenue to pay for their lavish social programs and paying back their campaign contibutors. The public at large be damned!

Unknown said...

Did you hear a few days ago, O' saying 'If you are getting tired of these high gasoline prices... you should buy a new economical car'.
That’s his solution to high energy cost.

And people say he is intelligent, HAHA

AdamsPatriot said...

Ye, I heard that. Just what kind of a dumb ass President does one have to be to say something so blatently ignorant?