Monday, April 11, 2011

Democrat Files Suit Against Obamacare

Missouri Attorney General, Democrat Chris Koster, finally looked deep into his heart and brought out the courage to join the fight against Obamacare. Koster filed a friend of the court brief with the appeals panel hearing. This action does not mean the Missouri as a State has joined in the lawsuit filed by Florida and more than a dozen other states. Missouri's do nothing Democrat Governor, Jay Nixon, has decided to continue to hide in his office, play with his dolls, and ignore the 'will of the people of Missouri' with their 72% vote against Obamacare back in the 2010 April Primary. Reuters reports : "But Koster argues -- as many health care opponents have -- that the law's requirement that every person purchase health insurance from a private company or face a penalty is unconstitutional". Yes, I'm sure that the die hard liberals will pick up on the fact that Koster switched parties to become a Democrat for the AG election, but as that moment of weakness passes, it has churned up his good conscience and brought out the reality of the situation of which Koster could no longer avoid. And yet this is exactly the same thing that Obama has tried desperately to avoid for 3 years as President...and that is The Constitution.

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Unknown said...

Koster obviously has felt all along that the mandate is in no way constitutional. I am sure he also understands that without the mandate, there is little Obamacare can do to get off the ground.
Now would he be considered a DINO? (Democrat In Name Only) :)