Thursday, April 7, 2011

House Passes GOP Stopgap Budget Bill

The House and Senate are very close on a budget for the rest of 2011, but even if they get there, there is not enough time to put it in to legislative language to get it through the House and over to Reid for a vote in the Senate before midnight Friday.
So Boehner and the House republican passed a 1 week stopgap by a margin of 247-181 to ensure any 2011 budget deal would be finalized and ready for a vote by the end of next week.

BUT, and I mean but, Harry Reid guaranties the stopgap won't make it through the Senate and Obama has threaten to veto it. This stopgap, would also fund the military for the remaining 6 months of the fiscal year...And the Commander-n-Chief is threatening to VETO it???
Even Jon Kyl can't figure the Veto threat out.

The political BULLSHIT Reid and Obama are pulling off tells me, at least, they are shooting FOR a shutdown of the Government and will try to lay the blame at the feet of the Republicans.

However, any halfwit will know and understand this tactic from the left and it would ONLY be to gain political talking points for next years election... At the expense of the American people!

Watch and See.

The rest of this story is on Fox's Website,


Anonymous said...

Personally i believe that Obama and Reid are calling the bluff of the congressional republicans playing partisan politics with the budget.

Not willing to pass any budget without removing the funding for planned parenthood is political bullshit and only designed to get votes and solidify their base.

Personally i am mad at both sides for failing to be grown ups. We didn't send them there to make shit worse, we sent them there to figure shit out and solve things. The republicans should have compromised about planned parenthood.

Unknown said...

What is so partisan about what the electorate did and wanted from the 2010 election.
That is only what Boehner si doing. Cut the spending.
But Reid and Obama are holding up the budget for Planned Parenthood?
So we’re not going to fund the government, nor pay our troops because the House refuses to fund Planned Parenthood? Is that your position? Let’s see Democrats run on it.....

AdamsPatriot said...

The liberals not willing to pass the budget by holding out for the funding of a 'muderous' organization just goes to show that liberals are hold the rest of America hostage just so they can continue to have an active population control measure system.