Sunday, April 17, 2011

ATL Tea Party- Nate Whigham Answers the charge of racism

Nate Whigham, speaking at an Atlanta Tea Party Rally, NAILS it with this comment:

"We peaceably assemble to petition our government, the first amendment says we can do that. And what happens? We get labeled as radicals. You know, now being a real American is considered being a radical... So now that didn't work, we are now called Racist.... So I challenge those who think we are racist, to come down to a Tea Party and look at America through the lens of the constitution and then tell me we're racist, or are we AMERICANS!"

And to end it with a bang.
" Now, To all the liberals out there, in case you forgot, YOU are Americans too. And the same freedoms we are fighting to protect, THOSE are the freedom you might loose as well!"


Chris said...

Blacks are waking up to the fact that the Democratic Party uses them for votes and promises of a better life and payoffs for their vote. But the fact is blacks,minorities and the poor and middle class are in worse shape now, not better shape. They have less now not more. They have higher unemployment and more closed businesses thanks to the Democratic Party way.

Unknown said...

Recent polls also show the Dems and Obama are losing support from blacks, and I believe because of the very same reasons that Nate has pointed out in this video.
Radical/Racism/Whats next from the left?