Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Government Giveth and Government Can Taketh Away

As goes Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio... so does Tennessee.

A bill being worked out in Tennessee Senate to take back control of their budget, like Wisconsin, came under heavy resistance in their Senate committee meeting tonight as union supporters resisted arrest when they interrupting the meeting with loud, disruptive protest.
The protesters beef. The state is considering taking Collective Bargaining from Tennessee Teachers... Sound familiar?

The state has the right to conduct it's business and I am sure the Tennessee legislators are not going to put up with the BS that happened in Wisconsin.

Our schools are failing and they need to broom out poor teachers for competent ones. With Collective Bargaining in the states way, this can not be accomplished.
Collective bargaining is a granted right and when government grants rights, it has the power and right to take it away.


AdamsPatriot said...

You mean collective barganing rights aren't a God given right? Nor is it a right proteceted under the Constitution?
So then was it a right given by the left? That would make it a left right left.
Sounds like the unions have been given marching orders!

Unknown said...

Correct, AP. Not a guaranteed right, thats why government should not be in the business of granting rights.
Hearing in Washington (if I am not mistaken) the unions are at there, too.
Plus MI. Except there I think Snyder has gone a little too far by giving his emergency manager the power to fire an elected official.
Thats just not right.

Chris said...

There was 5 arrested in MI. If we want to know what the unions are willing to do just look to Greece. We must focus on these unions. We can't afford to lose to the unions. Please do what you can to thwart the union agenda. If the unions fail they will take down Obama and the Democratic Party with them. The unions have become the Achilles Heel of the Democratic Party.

Let's look at the unions own words on how to defeat them."United they stand, divided they fall". We must divide the unions of we the tax payers will fall instead of the public unions. We must divide the public unions from the private unions. We need to show the private sector unions will have to pay with less profit to the company comes less profits to share. We must also show the private unions how higher taxes will harm the private businesses. The bailouts of unions are over.