Friday, March 4, 2011

14 AWOL Wisconsin Senator- In Contempt

The 14 Wisconsin Senators, who have been hiding out in Illinois have been found in contempt of Senate as of 4:00PM CST yesterday.

It orders Wisconsin law enforcement agency to detain and bring to the Senate floor the 14 missing Democrat Senators, if found in Wisconsin.
This is a contempt citation of the Senate, which is a crime.
One problem, they are in Illinois.
So how does the Wisconsin government get these 14 AWOL Senator back in to Wisconsin???

Easy: The US Constitution helps in this manner:
Article 4, Section 2
A Person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.

Problem is, Quinn will never follow the Constitution, like a lot of Democrats fail to do lately.


Chris said...

It's about time these ciminals of the democractic procces got arrested.

They need to arrest the criminals that are destroying the capitol in Wis. as well.

The cops in Berckeley are getting into riot gear for those protests.

Cops, firemen and teachers better start looking who they are standing with at these protests. The protests have been hijacked and they better start distancing themselves from that crowd of radicals or they will go down with them. The individual civil servent is not the union and they need to step away before they get caught up in the destruction that follows the far-left where ever they go. Look at the National Mall and the Obama inaugral pigsty. Those pictures are worth a million words.

Anonymous said...

Guys being in Contempt of Senate can't mean that much to you. You never did a post about Todd Palin being found in Contempt of Senate.

I do agree that its time they return and let Koch's prison Gov Walker do what they paid him to do. Its going to happen so might as well get over it.

Chris said...

I'm so happy we have the Koch brothers. They help ballance the Soros empire and minion of liberal organizations and think tanks to speed up the destruction of the US dollar for profit.

Do you remember when Bill Clinton got impeached for being a pervert and a liar to Congress? He sure did like treating women like shit.

For every one of ours there are 10 of yours.

Unknown said...

Way to take it off topic, Joe. Good to see nothings change with you.
Quinn, do your job and uphold the constitution. Bring them to Justice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off topic Mark. here i'll stay on topic.... "YAWN!"

Hows that for on topic. Now blast Chris for going off topic too!

Chris, i remember when Clinton got impeached for having an affair with an intern. i don't remember the 10 of us to 1 of yours though. Do we want to play listofpedia for adulterers? Please find a list of Democrats and do a post. I'll counter with republicans. Can i include those leading closeted homosexual lifes? would that be fair or is that another blog?

Unknown said...

"here i'll stay on topic.... "YAWN!"
Yes, I am sure the constitution bores you, it does most lefties.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the constitution doesn't bother me or make me sleepy at all. The contempt of Senate does though.

It is nice to see that major donors of Scott Walker and the Republicans are funding lawsuits against the Senators and possible recall efforts. As much as you guys whine about outside union influence and activity there's an awful lot of non-Wisconsin money flowing to the repubs to cut collective bargaining and jam the 14 Democrats. I'd prefer they all stay out of it.

Unknown said...

Same can be said about the out of state unions showing up in Madison to cause problems the last few weeks....

Anonymous said...

Mark, yes it can, but your only whining about one side doing it, i'm saying both should stay out.

JoeC said..."I'd prefer they all stay out of it."
March 5, 2011 6:00 PM

Chris said...

And the unions own the Democratic Party. Joe if you want to see the 10/1 just Google left-wing violence and then right-wing violence in pictures. Joe when was the last right-wing riot in this country? How many left-wing riots has their been? I rest my case. Sorry for going off topic but I can't let some sausage get away with writing smack.

The Democratic Party is anti-democracy when it serves them. What these 14 Democratic are doing is anti-American at best.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Un-like yourself, he kept it clean.
I have no control of who comes here and reads the blog.
It could be a 6,7,8,etc year old for all I know.
I would ask you all to follow the rule, please.
"Any demeaning form of comment"
Chris, I know Joe can upset you, but please be careful.

Joe, you've been warned to many times.
Your post has been removed.
I am at the point of asking you not to comment over here anymore.
I am done with baby sitting

Anonymous said...

Mark calling someone a Richard is still just that.

But what about this? is this okay?

Chris said...
Do you remember when Bill Clinton got impeached for being a pervert and a liar to Congress? He sure did like treating women like shit.

Is that okay? Can i say poop too or just him? What words are okay and what are not?

i mean comeon Mark, you got to admit he threw something out about Clinton not violence and when he got tagged he came in crying and calling me names. Not even original names cause I'm more a Vienna, or a frankfurter than a sausage. All beef too, no fillers.

Unknown said...

What seems to allude you, Joe, is I said 'Chris... Please be careful', which was his first warning.
You, sir, however are working on your 3rd and final strike.
Get the picture?

AdamsPatriot said...

I don't know why we even have to have this dicussion. Your visiting someone elses blog, but it's treated like the back alley of a union hall.

I don't care who you are, as adults we should know what respectability is and we should use our intelligence to make a point, not back alley vulgarity.