Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Senate Votes Down Obamacare Repeal

OK folks here we have it. The Senate has voted to keep Obamacare. All 51 Democrats, including Claire McCaskills voted against repeal, even though 71% of her state does not want Obamacare.

The AP reported:
A Republican drive to repeal the year-old health care law ended in party-line defeat in the Senate on Wednesday, leaving the Supreme Court to render a final, unpredictable verdict on an issue steeped in political and constitutional controversy. The vote was 47-51. Moments earlier, the Senate agreed to make one relatively minor change in the law, voting to strip out a paperwork requirement for businesses.
President Barack Obama, who has vowed to veto any total repeal of his signature legislative accomplishment, has said he would accept the change. It does not directly affect health care.
Republicans conceded in advance their attempt at total repeal would fall short, but they accomplished an objective of forcing rank and file Democrats to take a position on an issue that reverberated in the 2010 campaign and may play a role in 2012.
These are targeted elections in 2012

California - Diane Feinstein 
Delaware - Tom Carper 
Florida - Bill Nelson 
Hawaii - Daniel Akaka 
Maryland - Ben Cardin 
Michigan - Debbie Stabenow 
Missouri - Claire McCaskill 
Montana - Jon Tester 
Nebraska - Ben Nelson 
New Jersey - Bob Menendez 
New Mexico - Jeff Bingaham 
New York - Kirsten Gillibrand 
Ohio - Sherrod Brown 
Pennsylvania - Bob Casey 
Rhode Island - Sherrod Whitehouse 
Virginia - Jim Webb 
Washington - Maria Cantwell 
Wisconson - Herb Kohl

Vote Them Out!


AdamsPatriot said...

First of all Mark, you used the word 'Targeted' which is banned by CNN, because some crazed Tea Partier might think you mean they should shoot a liberal.

Second, Democrat Senator 'self serving' Claire McCaskill doesn't work for Missourians, as I described in the previous post "A Liberal's Choice, Hypocrisy at it's finest".
She is Obama's bitch!

I see a sea of RED VOTES again in 2012!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I decided to use the word because I am not going to follow along the same insane path that some MSM think we should and that it 'might' have brought on some insane loon who did the shooting in AZ.... based on no facts.

I think McCaskill (she should change her last name, it ends in kill and thats not appropriate) is done in 2012 for not going along with her constituency.

Chris said...

Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

Getting scared your court won't deliver ain't ya?

AdamsPatriot said...

Not scared here in Missouri, McCaskill's done!

Unknown said...

No, Joe I am more confident the SC will do two things. Rule this unconstitutional and prove once and for all that the Dems ARE socialist, hell bent on stomping on it.